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These are truly uncertain times for Vapormatt, our customers, suppliers and staff. The challenges are significant for all during this pandemic, but...
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At Vapormatt, we are continuing to put the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers as our top priority.  We continue to...
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At Vapormatt, the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is always our priority.  We are actively monitoring the COVID-19...
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Vapormatt Christmas card
With the Vapormatt offices closing on Monday afternoon, we wanted to send you warm wishes at this time of year. 2018 has been a great year for...
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Vapormatt will be showcasing its world leading wet blasting technology for the surface preparation and finishing of composites used in aerospace at...
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Sablage humide, EPIC Sarl, Philippe Planche, Vapormatt, Wet balsting
Following recent growth in France Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, has finalised a new Agency agreement with EPI Consulting sarl...
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Vapormatt are excited to announce the launch of their innovative Serval product. This service and value package has been designed to ensure we can...
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Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, has recently agreed a new Agency agreement with Poltech Trading who will be focusing on sales...
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 Exhibiting for the first time, Vapormatt will be presenting their wet blasting technology at the PRO FINTECH show being held at the ...
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wet blasting for composite preparation at the CAMX show
From the 26th to the 29th of September Vapormatt will be exhibiting at the Composites and advanced materials expo (CAMX) at the Anaheim convention...
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Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, has recently signed a new distributor agreement with Jebsen & Jessen Technology Ltd who...
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SMART alloy, Wheel repair, Vixen surface, Wet blasting machine
---WATCH THE VIDEO NOW---Vapormatt have recently launched their latest wet blasting machine, the Puma. Designed specifically for the preparation of...
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Hand arm vibration in wet blasting
Protecting workers from hand-arm vibration A huge number of industries rely on manually operated tools that emit vibration during use. As a result of...
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Prevent cobalt leeching on carbide tools after wet blasting
Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has signed a new distribution agreement with NGL...
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washing systems for carbide tooling
Vapormatt has launched a new washing and drying machine,  the Vapormatt Ocelot, which is designed to both clean and dry wet blasted cemented...
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1000 companies to inspire Britain, Vapormatt Ltd, Vapormatt
Vapormatt has been identified by the London Stock Exchange in a new report as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. Vapormatt’s inclusion in...
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Vapormatt Scandinavia, Vapormatt AB
Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has expanded its global operations with the opening of a...
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Wet blasting for aerospace, vapour blasting for aerospace
Wet blasting has become increasingly common in the aerospace industry, thanks to its ability to carry out a wide range of tasks – from degreasing...
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Vapormatt, Wet Blasting, Sabre, Edge Preparation, Ionbond
Vapormatt, a leading specialist in wet blasting for surface and edge preparation in tooling applications, has announced that its innovative Sabre wet...
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wet blasting exhibitions, advanced engineering uk 2014, engineering shows at the NEC
After a busy two days Vapormatt's first show at Advanced Engineering has finished. Comprising of 5 events the show saw thousands of visitors from...
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wet blasting equipment, aerospace peening machines, peening machines, wet blasting
Vapormatt has released its latest white paper exploring the use of wet-blasting in the aerospace industry. As well as providing an overview of the...
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Wet blasting, aerospace surface treatments, Vapormatt, advanced engineering
Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt will be exhibiting its advanced and market leading range of wet blasting technology for the aerospace and...
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filtration for wet blasting machines is key for best results
A lot of the time customers will ask…“What about the contaminants that are being blasted off during wet blasting?”I’m sure you’ll agree this is a...
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Vapormatt, IMTS 2014, Wet blasting
Vapormatt will be introducing its new wet blasting system, the Vapormatt Sabre, in the USA at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting USA, Frank Block, Prototools Corporation
Global wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has enhanced and improved its service for US tooling customers by teaming up with a new representative....
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composite preparation by wet blasting
Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has prepared a unique exhibition for the National Composite Centre, revealing the secrets of effective composite...
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Nosferatu, guernsey power boating, wavesoft
Having spent the winter season working on and upgrading the boat team Nosferatu, the Vapormatt sponsored power boat, was ready to compete in the...
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The Vapormatt Leopard is designed for the wet peeing of large fan blades
In the aerospace industry manufacturing precision is key and commercial success depends on meeting strict quality and safety requirements. ...
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edge honing, edge preparation, edge prep, edge radiusing
Vapormatt has released a new white paper that examines the future of edge preparation and the benefits of wet blasting to the metalwork industry. The...
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Vapormatt Health Check Logo
Planned shutdowns can be the perfect opportunity to carry out essential maintenance tasks without too much disruption to production. They can also...
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GrindTec 2014, wet blasting, Vapormatt Sabre
For the third time Vapormatt exhibited at the GrindTec show in Augsburg, Germany. The show itself is one of the leading platforms for grinding...
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wet blasting, edge honing, tool honing, edge preparation, edge rounding
Vapormatt is to launch a new system, the Vapormatt Sabre, which will bring the exceptional process quality of wet blasting to a wider range of users....
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wet blasting, vapormatt, wet blasting machines
A lot of the time we find ourselves in situations where an application may work with both wet and dry blasting processes. To remain competitive we...
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wet blasting, vapormatt, wet blasting machines
With a myriad of companies around who can offer wet blasting machines for a range of applications it can be hard to differentiate between suppliers....
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edge honing, cleaning and surface preparation
The Sabre, the latest wet blasting system from Vapormatt, will be launched this year at GrindTec 2014, which takes place between 19th and 22nd March...
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Edge honing of cutting tools, wet blasting
Cutting tools, used in the latest generation of machining centres, have to conform to ever higher standards of performance and accuracy.  To...
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Wet blasting, rapid prototypes, titanium printing.
The Vapormate wet-blasting cabinet from Vapormatt is allowing innovative manufacturer i2M to achieve a faster, more cost effective production process...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting, wire cleaning, cable cleaning, japan
Vapormatt is taking wet blasting into the North Asian market with the help of Japanese distributor A.K. Techno.  The partnership will enable...
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Metalex show, Vapormatt, Wet blasting asia.
I would imagine that when people think of Thailand manufacturing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.It certainly wasn’t for me…...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting services, bead blasting
With the UK’s Advanced Engineering show around the corner manufacturers and engineers will be able to see the latest developments and technologies...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting services, bead blasting
Global wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has brought cost-effective, high quality surface finishing within easier reach of SMEs through its Contract...
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Vapormatt Logo, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt Thailand
Vapormatt is to open a new sales and technical support centre in Thailand, extending its service to customers in Southeast Asia.  The new...
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Vapormatt sell one of the largest ranges of abrasive for wet and dry blasting.
Bead blasting, shot blasting, grit blasting, sand blasting and vapour blasting are just some of the terms that customers use when describing what wet...
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Vapormatt wet blasting for edge honing and preparation
Vapormatt has redesigned its high performance wet blasting system, the Jaguar, to further enhance performance.  After listening to...
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Nosferatu, Vapormatt Powerboat
With the August bank holiday looking to be perfect for boating and with very few points between the leaders it was set to be a good weekend for...
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Highly controlled wet blasting by Vapormatt is helping achieve precise surface finishes
Wet blasting is a highly effective process that combines compressed air, abrasive media and water in a slurry form to clean and prepare surfaces....
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Vapormatt powerboating, Nosferatu
The weekend saw 11 boats vying for podium positions as the racing season reaches its penultimate weekend. With adrenaline levels at their usual high...
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Vapormatt at EMO Show
On show for the first time at this year’s EMO exhibition is the latest wet blast innovation from Vapormatt, which will help tooling manufacturers...
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Stewart Ashworth co-founded Vapormatt in 1978
Wet blasting, as a process, probably brings to mind several different images of its applications and this is often the case with most...
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Paul Rawlinson Vapormatt
Vapormatt has strengthened its position within the surface preparation industry and enhanced its offer for customers with the appointment of Paul...
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Vapormatt is a major engineering success story.  We are a world leading specialist wet blast company and have honed the technology into a...
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Having experienced great success at their first Gloucester site Vapormatt are set to increase the availability of its sub contract surface finishing...
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After a great first season Vapormatt sponsered powerboat "NOSferatu" came away with 4 podium positions and 3 first places.At Saturday's presentation...
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The success of Vapormatt’s wet blast surface preparation technology in the wire industry is demonstrated by a growing number of installations and,...
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David Clements As Senior Appointment, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt
Vapormatt, leaders in wet blasting technology, is announcing the appointment of a new senior Sales Engineer who is set to build on the company's...
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Vapormatt's first "Contract Process Service Centre" has been set up in Gloucester, to provide a comprehensive range of surface treatment and...
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Vapormatt sponsor Nosferatu, C Class rated powerboat, Havelet Bay, Guernsey
Vapormatt are now proud to be sponsoring "Nosferatu" a C Class rated powerboat owned and raced by one of our design engineers.Running a 2.5L, 200hp...
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Vapormatt Jaguar, edge preparation, aluminium extrusion
At this year’s METEF 2008, leading specialist in wet blast surface cleaning and processing, Vapormatt Ltd, has unveiled the Vapormatt Jaguar what the...
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Vapormatt International Demonstration Vehicle
Wet blast surface treatment specialist Vapormatt, has completely upgraded and re-equipped the company’s International Demonstration Vehicle (IDV)...
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Turbomatt 10, Vapormatt Degreasing Machine, Airless Wet Blast Cleaning
Surface preparation and finishing specialist, Vapormatt, has introduced a new turbine-based, fully automatic airless wet blast cleaning and...