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Vapor Blasting Aerospace Components Turbine Engines, Aircraft Wheels MRO OEM
From a simple spindle to sophisticated assemblies such as blisks and fir trees, wet blasting (otherwise known as vapor blasting) is capable of...
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Benefits of Vapor Blasting for Aerospace
Did you know wet blasting (or vapor blasting) has several advantages over other surface finishing processes for the aerospace industry?- The use of...
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Vapor Blasting Machines for Aerospace MRO and OEM
The history of Vapormatt can be traced all the way back to the invention of the jet engine when the first wet blasting machine was developed for the...
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Vapormatt are pleased to announce they be attending The Aerospace Mexico Fair (FAMEX), held from April 24 to 27 2019 at the Main Military Air Base,...
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Sablage humide, EPIC Sarl, Philippe Planche, Vapormatt, Wet balsting
Following recent growth in France Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, has finalised a new Agency agreement with EPI Consulting sarl...
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Vapormatt has added yet another variant to the Leopard range, to further enhance versatility.  After listening to valuable customer feedback,...
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wet blasting of turbine parts
The requirement for lightweight and strong components has become a key requirement for the aerospace industry. In doing so manufacturers can easily...
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Having returned from a successful show at Farnborough this month it is clear that the demand for high end and controlled surface finishing is as...
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Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, has recently signed a new distributor agreement with Jebsen & Jessen Technology Ltd who...
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wet blasting of air foils, surface finishing of aero vanes
Vapormatt, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced wet blasting technology will be unveiling its latest high performance systems, developed...
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wet blasting at MMTS show
For the first time Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, will be exhibiting at the MMTS show in Montreal. The show which takes place...
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Having recently returned from the SFM show in Mexico it is clear that the demand for aerospace surface treatments is very high. As you can see from...
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Edge preparation at GrindTec
Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, have recently returned from the GrindTec show in Augsburg, Germany. Over the course of 4 days...
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Wet blasting for aerospace at the SFM 2016 show
Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, have recently appointed a new Agent in Mexico. MASSFIN Mexico offers surface treatment solutions...
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NDT, non destructive testing, wet blasting for aerospace
Wet blasting is becoming increasingly popular in the Aerospace industry as a way of preparing metal surfaces for NDT – and for preparing carbon fibre...
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Prevent cobalt leeching on carbide tools after wet blasting
Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has signed a new distribution agreement with NGL...
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washing systems for carbide tooling
Vapormatt has launched a new washing and drying machine,  the Vapormatt Ocelot, which is designed to both clean and dry wet blasted cemented...
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Wet blasting for aerospace, vapour blasting for aerospace
Wet blasting has become increasingly common in the aerospace industry, thanks to its ability to carry out a wide range of tasks – from degreasing...
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Vapormatt, Wet Blasting, Sabre, Edge Preparation, Ionbond
Vapormatt, a leading specialist in wet blasting for surface and edge preparation in tooling applications, has announced that its innovative Sabre wet...
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Vapormatt, Panther
Vapormatt, a leading specialist in wet blasting for surface finishing and cleaning in industrial applications, is now offering a high performance,...
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wet blasting exhibitions, advanced engineering uk 2014, engineering shows at the NEC
After a busy two days Vapormatt's first show at Advanced Engineering has finished. Comprising of 5 events the show saw thousands of visitors from...
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wet blasting equipment, aerospace peening machines, peening machines, wet blasting
Vapormatt has released its latest white paper exploring the use of wet-blasting in the aerospace industry. As well as providing an overview of the...
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Wet blasting, aerospace surface treatments, Vapormatt, advanced engineering
Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt will be exhibiting its advanced and market leading range of wet blasting technology for the aerospace and...
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composite preparation by wet blasting
Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has prepared a unique exhibition for the National Composite Centre, revealing the secrets of effective composite...
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The Vapormatt Leopard is designed for the wet peeing of large fan blades
In the aerospace industry manufacturing precision is key and commercial success depends on meeting strict quality and safety requirements. ...
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Wet peening, shot peening, dry peening
Peening involves the use of spherical medias to “hammer” the surface of a material and is a very effective way to improve the fatigue strength of a...
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Vapormatt Logo, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt Thailand
Vapormatt is to open a new sales and technical support centre in Thailand, extending its service to customers in Southeast Asia.  The new...
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Wet blasting machine, Chinese aerospace sector, Vapormatt
With China’s enviable growth in recent years, companies have found themselves looking east to see what opportunities are available for industry....
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WASP Wet Blasting System, Water Assisted Stripping Process, Vapormatt
The ‘Water-Assisted Stripping Process’ (‘WASP’) – developed by surface preparation specialist Vapormatt – is being adopted increasingly by airlines...
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Vapormatt Automatic Aircraft Wheel Cleaner, Cougar
Vapormatt has introduced an automated machine – the ‘Cougar’ – for the cleaning, degreasing and complete de-painting, when required, of aircraft...