Wet Blasting Machines

Automatic, manual and refurbished wet blasting machines, sample processing and ownership options

Our range of automatic and manual wet blasting machines, also known as vapor blasting machines or aqua blasting machines, are designed to meet the finishing needs of numerous applications in multiple different industries, from aerospace and medical to wire and cable.

All of our world leading experience and technical knowledge is applied to the design and construction of our wet blasting machines, ensuring users benefit from unparalleled process control, quality long-lasting machines, and, in the case of our automatic machines, maximum productivity and surface finishing uniformity and repeatability.

What is the difference between wet blasting, vapor blasting, vapour blasting and aqua blasting?

In a world nothing, they are all terms for the same surface finishing process that Norman Ives Ashworth pioneered back in the late 1940’s. With the Ashworth family still at the helm, our wet blasting technology is cutting-edge with highly sophisticated levels of automation, including robotics, now available to ensure perfect surface finishing every time.