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Vapormatt wet blasting for edge honing and preparation

Vapormatt has redesigned its high performance wet blasting system, the Jaguar, to further enhance performance.  After listening to valuable customer feedback, global wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has redeveloped the machine in order align it even more closely with needs of its end users, in particular those looking to achieve superior edge preparation on cutting tools.

The Jaguar had already established a successful track record in plants around the world by delivering fast, efficient and consistent results. However, Vapormatt’s designers and engineers have now found ways to enhance performance even more, bringing benefits to the customer that have made Vapormatt world leaders in the field of edge preparation.

“The enclosed, automated process of the Vapormatt Jaguar offers important production benefits, including faster processing and more effective and consistent cleaning actions than alternative systems,” says Tim Berry, Tooling specialist at Vapormatt.  “The new Jaguar boasts eight blast guns that all focus on the tools being processed using varying angles to ensure complete coverage of the critical edges and a thorough clean of the tool’s faces.”

The Vapormatt Jaguar incorporates both rinsing and drying stages into its overall process, meaning that additional steps and machines are not required.  This makes the Jaguar more economical by saving time for the end user while also increasing efficiency.  The unit is completely self-contained and ventilated for low maintenance and ease of access, making it suitable for quiet and tightly controlled environments.  Another benefit provided by the Jaguar is its compactness; the footprint of the machine is very small and occupies very little valuable floor space.

Incorporating a dependable process control system, controlled via a HMI, the Vapormatt Jaguar is significantly less vulnerable to software bugs and faults that could otherwise disrupt productivity and output due to unplanned downtime.  The high level of automation, reliability, quality and consistency achieved by the expert redesign of the Vapormatt Jaguar will have a significant impact on any company’s productivity and overall quality of product.


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