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Vapormatt Jaguar, edge preparation, aluminium extrusion

At this year’s METEF 2008, leading specialist in wet blast surface cleaning and processing, Vapormatt Ltd, has unveiled the Vapormatt Jaguar what the company claims is a “major breakthrough” in the cleaning and edge preparation of aluminium extrusion dies.

The new, fully enclosed, ‘ Vapormatt Jaguar embodies an innovative and radical approach to the cleaning of dies: it utilises an in-line processing concept that offers important production benefits, including faster processing, a more effective and consistent cleaning action than conventional systems and easy integration into existing production layouts. Competitively priced, the Jaguar also has a much smaller footprint than existing die cleaning systems – saving space – and incorporates a highly dependable process control system, which is less prone to “software bugs”, thereby reducing possible machine downtime.

Machine trials in a production environment have already shown that using the new machine can completely eliminate the need for final hand polishing following the cleaning operation, saving time and labour.

Of a modular streamlined design, the Jaguar has the appearance of an advanced production machine in keeping with state-of-the-art production facilities, and is constructed in high-grade stainless steel, seamlessly welded to form a water- and dust-tight, robust structure.

The Jaguar will automatically wet blast, wash, rinse and dry up to 80 extrusion dies and segments in 60 minutes – a significantly higher production rate than comparable systems. The dies can range indiameter from 200mm to 900mm, which covers most normal requirements. The machine operates on a progressive basis to maintain smooth, interruption-free throughput.


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