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With a myriad of companies around who can offer wet blasting machines for a range of applications it can be hard to differentiate between suppliers. As one of the leaders in the wet blast process Vapormatt offers a lot more.

But first, some clarification.

The wet blast process was pioneered by Norman Ashworth in the 1950’s meaning over 60 years have passed for people to replicate the technology.

This has led to all sorts of “rebranding” when it comes to describing the process. From the specifications we receive countless variations can be recalled; a few you may have heard of are: vapour blasting, aqua blasting, bead blasting or even vaqua blasting.

These are all well-established definitions of the original wet blasting process that Vapormatt has been developing since its formation.

However, it is our dedication and commitment to specialising in the wet blasting process, and not the industry jargon, that sets our wet blasting machines apart.

This dedication has led to several innovations and patents that truly makes are wet blasting machines stand out.

I’d like to explain four of the better ones. Ones that other wet blasting companies won’t and can’t offer you.

  1. Efficient pumping – with a range of internally designed pumps Vapormatt wet blasting machines are some of the most efficient available. A 4kW Vapormatt pump delivers 800l/min (and can feed up to 24 guns) making it comparable to 11kW alternatives. Vapormatt pumps can also handle large amounts of very fine abrasive and still work; it is for this reason that Vapormatt are one of the few suppliers who can successfully pump medias like Novaculite where the particles are as small as five microns each.
  2. Manifold gun system – Vapormatt can offer you a range of patented manifolds all of which have been designed with neatness in mind. A Vapormatt manifold means that slurry is fed to the nozzles through one hose making maintenance far easier and giving more space in the cabinet. The single hose is fed into housing that allows the distribution of abrasive to happen as late as possible before reaching the nozzle; not only does this reduce wear of parts but it also makes for more equal feeds to each of the nozzles.
  3. Filtration by elutriation – again this development is patent protected and offers users reduced contamination and more consistent slurry. By controlling flow rates and monitoring particle sizes Vapormatt’s elutriation tower gives much greater accuracy in terms of the size and quantity of abrasive used as part of the wet blasting process.
  4. Doughnut sumps – protected by patents Vapormatt’s low level or “doughnut sumps” allow users to install a high capacity wet blasting machine without the need for a pit; this not only offers great costs savings but also allows for Vapormatt machines to be relocated easily. The low level sump has been very popular with the aerospace industry where the Vapormatt system makes loading of parts far easier than alternatives.

As mentioned these are only a few of our developments. To write them all down would take a long time.

It is our commitment to developing the wet blast process that drives us to be innovative and the findings of our R&D centre is a testament to this.

If you would like to find out more about our innovations or can see some benefits to wet blasting you can always get in touch via email or phone: 01823 257 976.


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