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Lamina Technologies logo
Vapormatt helps Swiss toolmaker Lamina overcome problems with its wet blasting process, which it uses to create a line of premium carbide tooling...
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Vapormatt, the leading manufacturer of precision wet blast systems, is launching a fully integrated modular wet blasting machine for edge...
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Vapomatt wet blasting, wet blasting of band saw blades
A Czech manufacturer of saw blades says that switching from dry to wet blasting has boosted product quality and outputPilana Metal, a Czech...
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This month Vapormatt made an appearance at the JIMTOF show for the third time. Presented as one of the largest machine tool fairs on the planet over...
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For the third time, Vapormatt will be presenting their wet blasting equipment for edge preparation to the Japanese market. The 28th Japan...
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Edge preparation at GrindTec
Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, have recently returned from the GrindTec show in Augsburg, Germany. Over the course of 4 days...
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Edge preparation at GrindTec
Vapormatt, the world’s leading wet blasting company, will be exhibiting at GrindTec 2016 which takes place between the 16th and 19th March 2016...
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Prevent cobalt leeching on carbide tools after wet blasting
Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has signed a new distribution agreement with NGL...
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washing systems for carbide tooling
Vapormatt has launched a new washing and drying machine,  the Vapormatt Ocelot, which is designed to both clean and dry wet blasted cemented...
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The increasing performance demands on machine tools and rising market competition has driven a need for a greater understanding of the manufacturing...
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Vapormatt Scandinavia, Vapormatt AB
Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has expanded its global operations with the opening of a...
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Vapormatt, Wet Blasting, Sabre, Edge Preparation, Ionbond
Vapormatt, a leading specialist in wet blasting for surface and edge preparation in tooling applications, has announced that its innovative Sabre wet...
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Wet blasting at JIMTOF 2014, EuroTechno in Japan
The benefits of wet blast surface preparation for cutting tool manufacturers were presented at JIMTOF 2014 by Vapormatt. For the 2014 show the...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting Japan, cutting tool preparation
Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt will be exhibiting its advanced and market leading range of wet blasting technology for the preparation of...
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wet blasting for edge preparation of cutting tools, hobs, saw blades
After a busy week in Chicago our application specialists have returned home from 2014’s IMTS show.This year’s theme was “Come Together” with the show...
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Vapormatt, IMTS 2014, Wet blasting
Vapormatt will be introducing its new wet blasting system, the Vapormatt Sabre, in the USA at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting USA, Frank Block, Prototools Corporation
Global wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has enhanced and improved its service for US tooling customers by teaming up with a new representative....
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edge honing, edge preparation, edge prep, edge radiusing
Vapormatt has released a new white paper that examines the future of edge preparation and the benefits of wet blasting to the metalwork industry. The...
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GrindTec 2014, wet blasting, Vapormatt Sabre
For the third time Vapormatt exhibited at the GrindTec show in Augsburg, Germany. The show itself is one of the leading platforms for grinding...
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wet blasting, edge honing, tool honing, edge preparation, edge rounding
Vapormatt is to launch a new system, the Vapormatt Sabre, which will bring the exceptional process quality of wet blasting to a wider range of users....
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Tooling manufacturers, coating centres and reconditioning companies should exploit wet blasting as a powerful method of edge honing and face...
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Edge honing of cutting tools, wet blasting
Cutting tools, used in the latest generation of machining centres, have to conform to ever higher standards of performance and accuracy.  To...
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Metalex show, Vapormatt, Wet blasting asia.
I would imagine that when people think of Thailand manufacturing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.It certainly wasn’t for me…...
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Vapormatt Logo, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt Thailand
Vapormatt is to open a new sales and technical support centre in Thailand, extending its service to customers in Southeast Asia.  The new...
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Vapormatt are able to control edge prep to achieve difficult hones
Increasingly cutting tool manufacturers are coming to Vapormatt as they want even greater control over their edge preparation processes.With EMO only...
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Vapormatt wet blasting for edge honing and preparation
Vapormatt has redesigned its high performance wet blasting system, the Jaguar, to further enhance performance.  After listening to...
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Vapormatt Tiger+ System
The Vapormatt Tiger+ processing centre - a fully automatic, in-line wet blasting, cleaning and drying system - saves time and money for...
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CVD coatings are applied at considerably high temperatures, normally between 925-1075 degrees centigrade. With the amount of energy that is required...
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Vapormatt at EMO Show
On show for the first time at this year’s EMO exhibition is the latest wet blast innovation from Vapormatt, which will help tooling manufacturers...
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Vapormatt programmable gun crown, edge preparation
Vapormatt is now offering customers greater control of their edge preparation processes whilst saving time, enhancing product quality and increasing...
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Alicona  IF-EdgeMaster
As part of its ongoing development programme, Vapormatt, the leading manufacturer of wet blast systems for edge preparation, has invested...
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The wide range of machining operations to which components can be subjected is, arguably, more complex and critical today than ever.  The need...
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CIMT show in Beijing, Chinese Tooling Market, Vapormatt
The amount of interest received at the recent CIMT show in Beijing has helped to strengthen Vapormatt's position in the Chinese tooling markets.This...
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Eurotechno Stand, JIMTOF 2012, Japan, Vapormatt
The benefits of wet blast surface preparation from Vapormatt were presented at JIMTOF on stand Number E5027. The company drew attention not only...