Our vision

We are the world’s leading wet blasting company.

Established in 1978 we have continually developed high end wet blasting technology by providing quality equipment and services to high value niche markets.

With a strong focus on the process and process control, Vapormatt has been able to develop the wet blasting technologies over several decades, with the high level of experience and investment in research, development and people. Our wet blasting solutions offer consistent and repeatable results, and are used by a number of large multinational customers in the advanced manufacturing and engineering industries across the globe.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate. On top of several world firsts in wet blasting advancements, Vapormatt also holds a large number of patents for significant areas of process control, blast slurry conditioning, media filtration and blast gun systems.

Investment into the wet blasting process has led to Vapormatt’s continued expansion across the globe, and with a presence in every continent, the Vapormatt wet blast process is accessible to an increasing number of industries and businesses.

Our success has been largely based on our commitment to a collaborative approach, to better understand our customers needs and become experts in our field. For industries requiring some of the best available solutions for wet blasting, Vapormatt is often regarded as a leader, setting benchmarks for others to follow.