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Additive Manufactured Product with Complex Internal Channels
Based in Ontario Canada Anubis 3D is one of the leading Additive Manufacturers for rapid End of Arm Tooling and On Demand short run industrial...
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Extruded Aluminium
Aluminium Extrusion perfected with Wet-Blasting – We’ve spent decades developing wet blasting systems for extrusion dies. Our deep understanding...
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Wet-Blasting Process Available for Bandsaw Blades
Bandsaw teeth honing, gullet peening and blade cleaning by one wet-blasting system – Designed to deliver outstanding productivity, our Profelis wet-...
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Motorsport Carbon Fiber Composite Components
By lightly wet blasting the top layer of composite components, the surface area for bonding is increased and any waxy residues are removed. So...
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Whether a stainless steel surface is used in a medical setting or for the preparation of food you need to be certain it’s safe to use.Typically, dry-...
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Underside of a passenger aircraft showing it's two jet engines
When it comes to something as critical as a jet-engine, a surface finishing process that’s as reliable and repeatable as wet-blasting is essential....
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Submarine Cable being laid in the ocean
We’re leading the way in Wire & Cable finishing with our in-line Profelis wet-blasting system – In fact our Profelis system has so many...
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Tax Relief on a New Vapormatt Wet-Blasting System
Rishi Sunak recently announced new temporary tax reliefs on qualifying capital investments, making it the perfect time to invest in a new Vapormatt...
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Vapormatt Wet-Blasting, what is it?, what are the benefits?
We’ve just added a brand new page to our website that answers these questions and more in an easy to understand, interactive way. You’ll find this...
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Close up view of the ball joint of a hip joint
Wet-blasting produces a very controllable, repeatable, and accurate surface preparation. This results in a highly uniform surface every time to...