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Surface grippers used to move parcels around fully autonomous grocery stores
Our wet blasting (vapor blasting) technology is particularly well suited to finishing components produced by several different additive manufacturing...
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Puma +, Puma, Vapormate - our range for AM finishing
Our range of automatic and manual wet blasting machines (or vapor blasting machines) for finishing additive manufactured (AM) components is designed...
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Additive manufactured hip implants
Despite advances in additive manufacturing (AM) technology many processes still require post-process finishing to produce a component with an...
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Vapormatt Puma + with barrel wet blasting machine
Our new Puma + with barrel automatic wet blasting (vapor blasting) machine is perfect for the rapid finishing of additive manufactured (AM)...
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Hygienic kitchen surfaces
Wet blasting (or vapor blasting) can finish surfaces to the perfect surface roughness (Ra) for sterilization. Wet blasting with glass beads...
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Upgrade your existing wet blasting machine with Vapormatt technology
A highly cost-effective way to boost your surface finishing performance is to simply improve your existing wet blasting machine. Regardless of...
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Original Vapormatt spare parts
We supply high-quality spares backed by a quick and reliable delivery service to keep your machine(s) operating at the highest possible production...
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Vapormatt Aftermarket services for surface finishing peace of mind
We have created two service contracts to keep your wet blasting machine(s) or vapor blasting machine(s) in good working order. We can also service...
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Vapormatt 4.0 - our own Industry 4.0 solution
Vapormatt 4.0 is our own Industry 4.0 solution. It’s installed on all our new automatic wet / vapor blasting machines and can be retrofitted to...
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Vapormatt | Vapor Blasting Steel Wire
With a wide range of applications in construction, manufacturing, packaging, agriculture and many other industries, clean steel wire is a better...