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Vapormatt Profelis Wet Blasting System
The unique Vapormatt Profelis is designed for the in-line surface finishing of wire, cable, round bar, bandsaw blades and other strip products. The...
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Vapormatt Puma Manual wet blasting machine
With its large, wide opening door and large working envelope, the Puma Manual is ideal for processing larger components within a relatively small...
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Vapormatt Vapormate wet blasting machine with operator
It’s the perfect machine for users who need a compact machine for smaller spaces or want to test the wet-blasting process before investing in a...
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Vapormatt Puma+ Wet-Blasting (Vapour-Blasting) System
The Puma+ is our highly versatile automated entry level system. It’s designed for users who want to step up from a manual system for the added...
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Vapormatt Cougar Manual Wet-Blasting Machine
The Cougar manual is our new versatile large capacity manual wet-blasting machine. It’s well suited to manufacturers and workshops that need to wet-...
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Vapormatt Cougar+ Wet-Blasting System
Introducing our new Cougar+ Automatic Wet-Blasting System - The Cougar+ is our new highly versatile automated mid-range system. It’s designed for...
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Vapormatt Christmas Opening Times
To all our customers, partners and colleagues, we wish you a very enjoyable and relaxing festive break! Please note that our offices will be...
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Additive Manufactured Product with Complex Internal Channels
Based in Ontario Canada Anubis 3D is one of the leading Additive Manufacturers for rapid End of Arm Tooling and On Demand short run industrial...
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Extruded Aluminium
Aluminium Extrusion perfected with Wet-Blasting – We’ve spent decades developing wet blasting systems for extrusion dies. Our deep understanding...
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Wet-Blasting Process Available for Bandsaw Blades
Bandsaw teeth honing, gullet peening and blade cleaning by one wet-blasting system – Designed to deliver outstanding productivity, our Profelis wet-...