For the most durable bandsaw blades you need a wet blasted finish

As a manufacturer of bandsaw blades, you’ll be familiar with the issues that can result in a poor quality blade, overly sharp teeth that chip, cracking in the gullet between saw teeth and a surface that won’t readily accept anti-oxidation treatments or branding.

But there is a well proven technology to resolve these issues:

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The application of wet blasting technology

  • Apply a defined edge hone to your bandsaw blade’s cutting teeth with unparalleled control and accuracy, for a product that’s ready for use at full production speed
  • Peening strengthens the gullet between your saw’s teeth, for reduced tensile stresses and strain and near-eliminated blade fatigue
  • Gain a high-quality aesthetic finish and a clean, reactive blade surface capable of accepting protective oils and coatings

Wet blasting gives you more efficient, more seamless and more effective production. And for high-precision wet blasting, there’s only one name you need to know: Vapormatt.

One of our customers recently conducted tests on their reciprocating saw blades to determine how coating preparation was affected by switching from dry blasting to wet blasting.

They found blade life was increased by 3.5 times and cutting speed was increased by 100%.  

Discover why world-leading companies in high-tech sectors trust us for the perfect finish.

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The benefits of wet blasting bandsaw blades

Bandsaw Before


bandsaw blades
  • 1. Edge Honing of the teeth
  • 2. Aesthetic enhancement
  • 3. Removing burrs, cleaning heat marks and heat scale
  • 4. Peening of the gullet and teeth braze points
  • 5. Reactive surface for the application of the brand name and anti-rust treatments
  • 6. Washed and dried, ready for inline branding, treating and packaging in-line loop bandsaws

Bandsaw brochure, case studies, and white paper

Wet blasting system brochure