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Turbomatt 10, Vapormatt Degreasing Machine, Airless Wet Blast Cleaning

Surface preparation and finishing specialist, Vapormatt, has introduced a new turbine-based, fully automatic airless wet blast cleaning and degreasing machine - the energy-saving and environmentally friendly ‘Turbomatt 10’ - specifically designed for the batch cleaning of heavily soiled and oily parts.  The new machine, the first of its kind in the UK, is expected to be of particular interest to the automotive refinishing sector. 

Unlike conventional wet blast machines, the Turbomatt 10 does not require a compressed air supply.  It creates no dust, has a low noise level and consumes less electricity than comparable batch cleaning machines.  It is also self-contained, with no drainage connection needed, and produces an easily disposable solid waste.  The heated aqueous cleaning media is applied by a special turbine, which rotates at 3000rpm, with parts retained on a rubberised moving belt. 

A major production benefit claimed for the Turbomatt 10 is that it eliminates the need for manual finishing following an automated cleaning operation, which is often the case when using other types of automatic degreasing and cleaning systems for extremely dirty metal surfaces. 

The new machine incorporates a 700mm diameter by 700mm long processing chamber with a 100 litre volume, a 225 litre fluid reservoir, a filter module, and a seal-less pump.  Maximum load capacity is 150kg.  The simultaneous degreasing, blasting and spray rinsing operation is variable between one and 30 minutes, with a subsequent drying time of one to three minutes.  The operating cycle is programmed on a central control console, according to the type and number of components being processed - 100 program options are available, including special programs with intermittent rinsing to ensure thorough cleaning of components with blind holes and recesses. 

Of modular construction in stainless steel, the Turbomatt 10 is fully insulated so that its surface temperature does not exceed 45 degrees C.  The modular design facilitates maintenance and the attachment of optional accessories, such as extraction and dosing systems. Vapormatt can also supply associated conveyor feed and component handling mechanisms for automatic loading and unloading. 

The Turbomatt 10 is the first in a range of Vapormatt turbine based wet blast cleaning machines, with alternative format larger capacity machines to be introduced over the next few months.  The machine complements Vapormatt’s existing comprehensive range of surface preparation and finishing equipment, which comprises a large number of standard and special purpose wet air blast machines, manual and automatic dry blasting units and the modular ‘Waterwave’ blastroom design.


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