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wet blasting, edge honing, tool honing, edge preparation, edge rounding

Vapormatt is to launch a new system, the Vapormatt Sabre, which will bring the exceptional process quality of wet blasting to a wider range of users.

The Vapormatt Sabre has been developed in response to customer demand to serve three new user groups. Offering small to medium volume manufacturers, coating centres and R&D facilities a cost-effective, high performance wet blasting tool to significantly enhance output quality on a range of cutting tools.

The unique nozzle arrangements of the Vapormatt Sabre focuses blast guns on the critical faces and cutting edges, delivering consistent and controllable results. This ensures total coverage of tools, offering edge radii within +/-5 micron tolerance of specification and a surface that will dramatically improve coating adhesion. With the option to fit both Y and X axis nozzle arrangements the Sabre not only offers great customisation for the user but also provides hybrid functionality, making it possible to process both round shank tools and cutting inserts in one system

The Sabre is suitable for round shank tools ranging from 3mm to 30mm in diameter and 46mm to 307mm in length and can hold up to 3 Manz trays at any one time. With an economic footprint the Sabre will easily fit into the workspace for effortless integration into existing production lines. With sophisticated control and monitoring systems the Vapormatt Sabre offers extremely consistent and reproducible processing.

The Vapormatt Sabre will be launching on the 19th March at GrindTec 2014, Augsburg, Germany.


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