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As part of the extrusion process there is a vital requirement for the on-going cleaning and polishing of dies. This is a critical operation for the...
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Metalex show, Vapormatt, Wet blasting asia.
I would imagine that when people think of Thailand manufacturing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.It certainly wasn’t for me…...
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ALUEXPO 2013 brought together the leading specialists from the aluminium industry, as well as 151 international companies from 32 countries that...
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Vapormatt will be showing extruders how to improve their die success rates in Turkey.
Vapormatt will demonstrate how its Lynx wet blasting system offers extruders a solution that will improve die success rates when it visits the...
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Vapormatt Logo, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt Thailand
Vapormatt is to open a new sales and technical support centre in Thailand, extending its service to customers in Southeast Asia.  The new...
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Aluminium extruders are able to increase their die success rate with Vapormatt
A lot of the time we hear how critical a die's success rate is for aluminium extrusion and being able to improve this becomes a key objective for...
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Paul Rawlinson Vapormatt
Vapormatt has strengthened its position within the surface preparation industry and enhanced its offer for customers with the appointment of Paul...
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Wet blasting is a great way to get dies clean
Today I was keen to make the case for wet blasting as an effective process for increasing the die sucess rates in your extrusion plants at the...
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Aluminium 2012 Exhibition, Dusseldorf, Germany, Vapormatt
Wet blast specialists, Vapormatt, is reporting significant business development as a result of its participation at the Aluminium 2012 Exhibition in...
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Finnish aluminium extrusion specialist, Vapormatt automated wet blast system, new production line
The Finnish aluminium extrusion specialist, Purso Oy, has recently installed a Vapormatt automated wet blast system on its latest advanced-technology...
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Vapormatt Jaguar, edge preparation, aluminium extrusion
At this year’s METEF 2008, leading specialist in wet blast surface cleaning and processing, Vapormatt Ltd, has unveiled the Vapormatt Jaguar what the...
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Vapormatt Cougar Wet Blast Machine, Aluminium Extrusion
Vapormatt’s ‘Cougar’ wet blast machine has been shown to provide a highly effective means of cleaning aluminium extrusion dies between manufacturing...