by Miles
filtration for wet blasting machines is key for best results

A lot of the time customers will ask…

“What about the contaminants that are being blasted off during wet blasting?”

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a valid concern.

After all there is little to no point in cleaning a surface only to re-blast it using contaminated slurry. In fact with some blasting machines this can be a big issue; particularly when the parts being cleaned are heavily contaminated.

However, there are solutions available.

Effective filtration is critical for the smooth operating of any blasting system and for ensuring your surface finishes meet requirements. Over the years Vapormatt have been able to incorporate several patented filtration systems into their wet blasting systems that continue to make our wet blasting systems stand out in terms of operational performance and ease of use.

The first, and most simple, solution you can use is a Vapormatt moving bed filtration system that works with a paper filter and a recirculating rinse pump to remove any effluent that will cause contamination when rinsing off your parts. Typically these are used on our smaller manual cabinets as they fit very neatly under the sump.

You can also utilise clear or “S” tanks to great advantage which gives overflowing slurry a slow and gradual path whereby unwanted particles are allowed to fall out of circulation before the clean slurry is fed back into your sump. This simple principal has been effectively applied for wet blasting systems to drastically reduce the amount of contaminated particles in circulation.

In industries where filtration is critical Vapormatt can also offer elutriation towers. This patented technology works on stokes principle and can be calibrated to a range of abrasive media mesh sizes. Working continuously filtration by elutriation works using the fall rates of different particle sizes to remove particles from the system quickly and effectively. These are heavily used in industries were process control and repeatability are of importance.

To date all of our wet blasting machines are offered with some form of filtration or another. Having adopted a collaborative approach with our customers means that our solutions are tried and tested giving you peace of mind when it comes to filtration.

If you have any existing wet blasting equipment Vapormatt offer an upgrade and refurbishment service to ensure your wet blasting machines are fully functioning and providing efficient processing.

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