Poltech Engineering Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.


We create surfaces anew!

Poltech Engineering has existed since 1999 as a family company, designing and manufacturing equipment for surface preparation and blasting

From the beginning, the focus of our activity has been on designing technological equipment for rotary and pneumatic machining.

The company's mission was and is to create process solutions that meet the needs of customers, taking into account flexibility and openness to use the most suitable methods of adaptation to diverse market expectations.

Since 2016, Poltech Engineering has been active in the field of robotics, developing fully integrated and standardised robotic blasting machines under the r.blaster brand.

Currently, the company belongs to a group of companies focused around the Polmecanic Group https://polmecanic.eu/  - a group of companies that includes entities responding to the needs of various fields of industry. Working as a team allows us to meet customer expectations even better and significantly increases our technical potential, enabling us to take on more and more ambitious challenges.


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Poltech Engineering Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

98-346 Skomlin
ul. Targowa 10c


Website: http://poltechengineering.com

Email contact: sprzedaz@poltechengineering.com

Phone: t: + 48 43 840 46 34




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