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Vapormatt, Wet Blasting, Sabre, Edge Preparation, Ionbond

Vapormatt, a leading specialist in wet blasting for surface and edge preparation in tooling applications, has announced that its innovative Sabre wet blasting machine has been installed at coating specialist Ionbond’s demonstration centre in Switzerland.

Ionbond is one of the largest providers of hard, wear resistant and low friction coatings offers PVD, CVD and PACVD services and equipment worldwide. The demonstration centre features best-in-class equipment, and therefore further underlines Vapormatt’s position as an industry leading provider of edge preparation and pre coating technologies for cutting tools.

Joe Haggerty, CEO at Ionbond, commented: “Wet blasting is the preferred option for deburring and surface finishing for coating specialists. Vapormatt’s Sabre enables excellent controllability and reproducibility during the process. This is essential in aerospace, medical and tooling manufacture where quality needs to be both consistent and measurable. For this reason it is only fitting that the Sabre joins other innovative and industry-leading technology as a valued addition of our demonstration centre.”

The Vapormatt Sabre wet blasting machine was developed in response to high customer demand to serve three new user groups, offering small to medium volume manufacturers, coating centres and R&D facilities a cost-effective, high performance wet blasting system to significantly enhance tool life through edge preparation and pre coating processes.

The unique nozzle arrangements of the Vapormatt Sabre focuses blast guns on the critical faces and cutting edges, delivering consistent and controllable results.  This ensures total coverage of tools, offering edge radii within +/-5 micron tolerance of specification and a HF1 surface finish that will dramatically improve coating adhesion.  With the option to fit both Y and X axis nozzle arrangements  the Sabre not only offers great customisation for the user but also provides hybrid functionality, making it possible to process round shank tools to hobs and saw blades to cutting inserts in one system.

About Ionbond

Ionbond is a global leader in high performance coating technology featuring a broad range of hard and low friction coating services and (thin film) coating equipment and a worldwide presence through a network of over 39 service centers across Europe, North America and Asia. With a unique portfolio of innovative CVA, CVD, PVD and PACVD know-how, Ionbond works with its clients to engineer optimal solutions for cutting tools, moulds, general industrial, automotive, aerospace, high performance racing and medical applications and  decorative coatings. Ionbond is owned by IHI Corporation, a Japan based diversified technology company.


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