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Case Studies
Case study: Helicopter wet blasting applications for the Fleet Air Arm Case study: NDT wheel crack detection for the RAF Round shank tools case study Cazoo Case Study - Alloy Wheels Iskra PIO Slovenia Case Study: Helping a pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer transition to wet blasting McMurtry Case Study: Preparing surfaces for bonding for a sports car manufacturer Memry Corp. Case Study: Upgrading a filtration system to quickly capture Nitinol particles Vallorbe: Upgrading another suppliers machine to prevent pump failure Formula 1 Toro Rosso Case Study: Servicing and upgrading older Vapormatt wet blasting machines to a ‘like new’ condition Sterlite Case Stud: Helping to power India and Brazil in a more efficiently and environmentally friendly way Böhler Steel USA Case Study: Wanting to improve health and safety leads to improving overall productivity Wet Blasting Technology for a Major Aerospace Manufacturer Case Study Composite Propeller Blades Manufacturer Case Study: Improving operations through the power of automation Fleet Air Arm Museum Case Study: Restoring a Fairey Barracuda Atlus New Zealand Case Study: Aluminium extrusion die cleaning USA Based Aluminium Extruder Case Study: Improving the quality of cleaning whilst boosting productivity and longevity Composite Fixings Manufacturer Case Study: Rapidly preparing studs and standoffs of different sizes and materials for bonding Armoth Case Study: Run-ready bandsaw blades, courtesy of wet blasting Pilana Metal Case Study: Switching from dry to wet blasting to boost operational productivity Anubis 3D Case Study: High-quality finish and the total removal of powder from channels and surfaces European Cutting Tool Manufacturer Case Study: Reducing tensile stress and strain hardening to ensure coatings adherence Wet Blasting Medical Wire Case Study: Meeting strict quality standards with wet blasting Ionbond Case Study: Best-in-class Sabre installed at demonstration centre Altus Industrial Aluminum & Window Systems Case Study: Ensuring consistent high quality finishing