Additive manufacturing

A new era for additive manufacturing innovation with wet-blasting

Additive manufacturing is transforming industries across the globe: from textiles to aviation, construction to medicine. And now, the 3D printing industry is reaching new dimensions of excellence with the introduction of wet-blasting technology.

Additive manufacturing

The application of wet-blasting technology.

  • Produce every component with a surface finish that’s consistently superior in quality to die-cast equivalents.
  • Remove excess powder from the surface and channels of your product every time with confidence.
  • The reliable, repeatable and accurate finishing solutions for DMLS and SLS additive manufacturing.
  • Production of a reactive ‘wet-out’ surface that’s perfect for coatings and paint.

If you’re looking for reliable, precise and clean finishing, wet-blasting is the solution. And for quality you can rely on, there’s only one name you need to know: Vapormatt.

Discover why high-tech additive manufacturing businesses trust us to help them bring products to market quicker.

Additive Manufacturing

We’re always improving. Always refining. Always pushing the boundaries. And we build on our successes, incorporating proven designs and approaches and combining them with innovative thinking – so together, we can face your specific business challenges.

Case Study

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover why one of the leaders in Additive Manufacturing chose Vapormatt for their wet-blasting machinery.

Anubis 3D

Powder-free channels and surfaces, and a higher-quality finish

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Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is a process built for the future. It’s already transforming industries across the globe: from consumer products to aerospace, automotive to medical.

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An automatic wet-blasting machine that’s particularly well suited to medium and high volume additive manufacturing.

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A manual wet-blasting machine that’s suitable for all but the largest components, ideal for lower volume additive manufacturers.

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