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Vapormatt are excited to announce the launch of their innovative Serval product. This service and value package has been designed to ensure we can help you to consistently deliver the best results from your wet blasting process. 

Serval: Where service meets value

Serval is all about delivering the right service to you. It is a mechanism to use our technical knowledge and experience to help you maintain the quality, efficiency and reliability of your wet blasting processes. It can encapsulate all our support services into one complete and extensive custom package designed to fit your individual requirements. It will represent excellent value for money wrapped up into a single monthly payment. 

Serval: Tailor your journey

Serval is there every step of the way on your journey with Vapormatt. From initial process development to purchasing and maintaining a machine and beyond. Serval: Your Journey starts here. Products can be selected from below to create your bespoke package.

Serval online portal

The content is built around your specific machines and includes:-

  • Operation and maintenance manual in your language
  • A machine specific critical spares catalogue
  • Digital service & breakdown reports and history
  • A section for requesting a service, to report a breakdown or to get a spares quote
  • Video Clips on simple & useful procedures
  • Process development request

Ongoing operator and maintenance training

This forms an integral part of the maintenance and operations understanding of the machines use and its constituent components. The dedicated training sessions that will carry a 3 year certification and cover:-

  • Machine Safety
  • Identification of the major components, maintenance and correction
  • Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly maintenance routines

Continuous Improvement Program

The program is a collaborative process that is designed to keep your machine and process at the forefront of any new developments and innovations, of any new advances in abrasive development and to review any changes in your production requirements. It makes sure that you obtain the maximum production and the highest returns of investment from your machine. It will facilitate regular meeting which can be onsite or via a conference calls

Software upgrades

With the speed of technology forever increasing we are able to offer continuous upgrades to the software part of your machine in both HMI and PLC.

Remote access diagnostics

Dedicated software engineer to remotely interrogate your Vapormatt machine, monitor, advice and correct where possible.

Process development service

We offer our extensive R&D resource to develop a wet blasting process and recipe for you to obtain the optimum finish for your product. Not only can we return all samples provided but we can incorporate a full report with microscope pictures and measurements where required.

Same day dispatch express delivery

A priority service to guarantee you a speedy and effective logistic delivery for emergency spares, from our warehouse, so reducing machine down time and production loss.

Fixed price servicing

A Service Contract will ensure regular maintenance for your machine, which is essential for machine efficiency and longevity. Service Contracts are shaped to the individual customers’ requirement and can be built around:-

  • A number of service visits per year
  • A Total Care Contract to include parts and labour at a fixed prices
  • An Extended Warranty package for all non-wear part

Abrasive supply

As  Assured supply contract for a 12 month fixed price guarantee. The Vapormatt approved abrasives will be sample tested at our R&D centre to ensure that the highest quality abrasive that is delivered to you will meet our stringent particle size and quality specifications.

HMI alarm access

This is the latest and best connectivity to allow remote monitoring and for recording service alarms. This is linked to your Serval online for spares ordering and requests.

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Syntech Surface Finishing specialists which has been in operation since the mid 1970’s and has well over thirty years experience in the Surface Finishing equipment and consumable market.



Momentan Nicht Verfügbar


亞盛精密机械有限公司 (英文名 Asia Consult Corporation) 于2001年创建。     我们专注于特定细分市场的专业客户需求,如精密数控刀具行业(涂层、湿喷砂、真空清洗设备)、电机行业(线圈加工设备)、高精密批量零

制造业(专用机床等)等,在这些行业与多家世界顶尖机床设备厂家紧密合作, 负责这些设备中国市场的销售及售后服务工作。

我们在中国上海及瑞士设有办事处,同时在上海的保税仓库有常用的设备备件。   我们的技术服务人员随时应答客户的要求,第一时间到达客户现场解决问题。

高质量、高精度的生产设备及高效、专业的服务是我们信奉的宗旨! 欢迎随时与我们联系, 了解我们的产品非凡的性能!

Czech Republic

IPP Praha se již více než 20 let specializuje na dodávky špičkových zařízení a technologií pro povrchové úpravy a čištění kovových dílů a forem.Kromě zařízení pro mokré tryskání Vapormatt  máme pro každý obor  zastoupení prvotřídních západoevropských firem  s rozsáhlými referencemi  v celé Evropě vč. ČR. Dodávaná zařízení zahrnují prakticky všechny velikosti od malých van a kabin, až po rozsáhlé plně automatické linky vč. ultrazvukových a galvanických nebo myčky velkorozměrných dílů (např. železniční soukolí).V případě zájmu nás kontaktujte, k zařízením zajišťujeme též servis a náhradní díly





Momentan Nicht Verfügbar


H Infrabrand Limited είναι παρούσα στον χώρο από το 1990.Καλύπτει ένα μεγάλο μέρος της βιομηχανίας με μηχανήματα, εξοπλισμό, πρώτες και βοηθητικές ύλες, στους τομείς χύτευσης, διέλασης, επεξεργασίας στο αλουμίνιο και τα άλλα ελαφρά μέταλλα.

Οι συνεργαζόμενοι ξένοι Οίκοι είναι από τους μεγαλύτερους, πιο καταξιωμένους και τεχνολογικά προηγμένους στο χώρο τους.Σαν απόδειξη του είναι η VAPORMATT με καινοτόμες λύσεις , κοντά στον απαιτητικό τεχνικό, με αξιόπιστα μηχανήματα και after sales service αντάξιο μιας μεγάλης βρετανικής εταιρείας.

Είμαστε κοντά σας για να σας μεταφέρουμε την τεχνολογία και να σας βοηθήσουμε στην βελτίωση της ποιότητας των προϊόντων σας.


Cégünk fő tevékenysége alkatrészmosó, ultrahangos tisztító és szemcseszóró berendezések képviselete és kereskedelme. Ezen a területen felmerülő problémák esetén hívjon minket bizalommal, sokéves tapasztalatunk bizonyosan segítségére lesz.


I.M.U.-International Macchine Utensili S.p.A. , fondata nel 1963, si compone di 2 Divisioni:

Macchine Utensili

  • Utensili& Trattamenti Superficiali

Grazie alla lunga partnership con Vapormatt ed oltre 30 anni di esperienza nella sabbiatura ad umido, I.M.U.  è a disposizione del mercato italiano per esaminare e risolvere  problemi relativi al trattamento superficiale dei metalli mediante  sabbiatura ad umido, tecnologia ecologica ante-litteram e tuttora moderna. 

New Zealand

Syntech Surface Finishing specialists is a wholly owned New Zealand company which has been in operation since the mid 1970’s and has well over thirty years experience in the Surface Finishing equipment and consumable market.



Vapormatt have been active in Singapore for many years. We have now established 2 agencies to handle the different types of industries.

South Korea

Vapormatt는 전 세계 최고의 습식 블라스팅(Wet blasting) 장비 회사입니다.

항공부품, 알루미늄 압출 다이, 커팅 툴과 전선등의 세척 및 표면 처리 분야에 널리 쓰일수 있습니다.

Vapormatt의 솔루션을 통해 초정밀 가공분야의 핵심인 표면처리 공정의 최적화를 이룰 수 있습니다.

하이클라쎄테크닉은 Vapormatt의 한국 파트너로서 귀사의 표면 처리 공정에 도움을 드릴 수 있습니다.

신뢰할 수 있는 장비와 기술! 하이클라쎄와 함께 합니다.



Reservdelar (utom blästermedel) till Vapormatt maskiner i Sverige levereras av Scandinavian Aerospace & Ind AB.






Unser Tätigkeitsbereich umfasst die Behandlung von Oberflächen, Teilereinigung, sowie die Flüssigkeits-Filtrierung, dies seit über 20 Jahren.

Rufen Sie uns bitte an, wir sind gerne bereit Sie beratend zu unterstützen.

Notre domaine d'activité comprend le traitement de surfaces, le nettoyage de pièces et la filtration de liquides, ce depuis plus de 20 ans.

Appelez-nous s’il vous plaît, nous vous conseillons avec plaisir.

Ihr Gesprächspartner / Votre interlocuteur:



In the UK Vapormatt currently have 3 sites covering a range of activities.

  1. Headquarterd in Taunton this office deals with all sales, manufacturing, aftersales and account queries. 
  2. The Gloucester site offers sub-contract wet blasting and process development.
  3. All research and development is carried out in Guernsey