Cutting Tool Inserts

Insert finishing world leader for good reason

We supply our surface finishing technology to the world’s leading cutting tool insert manufacturers. Our Tiger system has firmly established itself as the global leading surface finishing system for large insert manufacturers.

But we don’t just supply the largest inserts manufacturers, with our extensive range of automatic systems designed to process inserts, we can supply a solution to suit all manufacturers form the smallest to the world’s largest.

But what makes our wet blasting technology, and our cutting tool inserts wet blasting machines so effective for cutting tool insert finishing:


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The application of wet blasting technology

  • Preparation for coating – For coatings to adhere properly, inserts need to be finished to a specific RA and spotlessly clean
  • Post coating finishing – Removal of coating imperfections, like coating droplets, to leave a uniform surface with an optimum RA, so the tools operate more efficiently
  • Post coating peening – The conversion of tensile stresses to compressive stresses dramatically improves the durability of the coating
  • Edge honing – An edge hone to a specific radius prevents ‘chipping’ of the cutting edge, allowing the tool to be run at full speed from new
  • Application of a specific K-Factor – A key aspect of edge honing, application of a specific K-Factor to the edge hone makes a big difference to cutting performance and durability
  • Selective coating removal – To reveal the correct coating for the required task, for example heat removal

Suitable for replaceable inserts of varying geometries, our high-precision cutting tool inserts wet blasting machines are extremely controllable, reliably delivering a consistent finish every time.

And our automated wet blasting systems give you more efficient, more seamless and more effective production.

Discover why the world’s leading cutting tool insert manufacturers trust us for the perfect finish.

See how the clever use of automation produces a highly efficient surface finishing system configured for cutting tool insert pre coating preparation

Next generation automatic system for the edge honing of inserts with complex three-dimensional geometries

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