Ownership Options

Your business is unique, so we’ve developed a wide range of ownership options to recognise those differences and help make your Vapormatt machine more attainable.

From outright purchase, to monthly payment programmes such as our Vapormatt Contract+, you’ll find an option that suits your business and gives you access to the level of aftermarket support you need.

Ownership options summarised

  New Machine Refurbished Machine Option to purchase Servicing Service & Maintenance contract incl. parts Customer Site Vapormatt Site Operator Supplied
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Your ownership options

buying outright

Buying outright

Available for both New and Refurbished Vapormatt systems

Pay the full sum for your wet-blasting system upfront, and own your new asset outright. You can still choose to purchase additional service packages and spare parts as you need them.

vapormatt rental

Vapormatt Rental

Available for both New and Refurbished Vapormatt systems

When you rent one of our world-class machines on a monthly basis, you can benefit from all the capabilities of a Vapormatt system, while maintaining maximum control over your budget. This is a popular option for businesses whose wet-blasting needs may change in the future.

We’ll take care of your system’s maintenance and regular servicing as part of your monthly cost, including the provision of spare parts and labour when they are needed.

vapormatt lease

Vapormatt Lease

Available for New Vapormatt systems only

Leasing is a popular choice, giving you flexibility and control over your payments, while opening up a number of options once your lease term ends. All lease options include a standard service contract to ensure the machine remains in good condition and operates reliably throughout the term.

Once your lease term ends, you can:

  • Extend or renew your lease

    You can choose to extend your lease on the same machine for another year or more, or keep up with the latest cutting-edge technology by upgrading to a newer machine under new terms.

  • Take ownership of the machine

    For a nominal cost, you have the option to own your leased Vapormatt machine outright. It’s an affordable investment for your business – and a great choice if the machine has served your needs well throughout your lease term.

  • End your lease

    If you no longer need your Vapormatt unit, we can simply arrange the return of the machine back to us, and the agreement is ended.

vapormatt lease plus

Vapormatt Lease+

Available for New Vapormatt systems only

With our Vapormatt Lease+ agreement, you’ll receive all the benefits of Vapormatt Lease listed above, plus the inclusion of our TotalCare package. Our TotalCare package covers all the regular servicing and spare parts for your unit. It’s the perfect option if you want to budget for all costs, avoiding unexpected invoices for any repairs or spare parts that might be needed.

vapormatt contract

Vapormatt Contract

Available for New Vapormatt systems only

For fast-paced businesses who want a professional, reliable, and hassle-free service, Vapormatt Contract is the equivalent of outsourcing your wet-blasting needs – within your own premises.

We’ll take care of everything, from supplying the right machine for your needs, to providing regular servicing and maintenance, supplying and fitting spare parts – we’ll even provide you with a knowledgeable operator to run the unit efficiently for you.

Vapormatt Contract is the best of both worlds. Now, you can run your finishing processes, without worrying about unforeseen overheads or teething issues.

vapormatt contract plus

Vapormatt Contract+

Available for New Vapormatt systems only

For a complete one-stop-shop service, it doesn’t get any better than Vapormatt Contract+.

You’ll get everything our Vapormatt Contract offers above, with the additional benefit of your operations being handled offsite – perfect if you’re tight on space.

Upgrading your current system


Vapormatt Upgrade - If you already own a Vapormatt machine, you can improve its performance with where we will update and improve your machine’s components. A great option for giving a new lease of life to an older Vapormatt system. Read more.

Vapormatt Inside allows you to upgrade the performance of your existing, non-Vapormatt, system. Thanks to our world-leading technical capabilities we can enhance the performance of any wet-blasting system, regardless of who manufactured it, with original Vapormatt components. Read more.

Contact us to find out more

To discuss your ownership options, simply get in touch and we can discuss the right fit for you.