Sample processing

Sample Processing at our R&D Centre

Nothing illustrates how Vapormatt wet-blasting can improve the surface finishing of your products like our sample processing service.

It also confirms you’re making the right decision because the full, detailed report – plus the sample processed components you receive back from us – reflect the ongoing quality and productivity you can expect from your Vapormatt wet-blasting system.

This is how it works: once agreed, you send us your samples and detailed written requirements. We then use the appropriate R&D wet-blasting system to produce a recipe and the perfect finish. That surface finish could include one or more of the following:

  • Creating a surface roughness to a specific tolerance
  • Producing a clean, highly reactive surface, for coatings
  • Peening to strengthen a known area of weakness on the component
  • Honing a cutting tool edge to improve longevity
  • Coating removal
  • Oil or grease removal

A minimum cost is charged for this service and is dependent on the number of samples and if a full detailed report is required.

blasting image
processing collage

Based in Guernsey, our Research & Development centre is very well equipped with the following wet-blasting systems:

And the following measuring equipment:

  • Microtrac machine – for measuring the size of particles in sample abrasives
  • Hardness tester
  • Alicona – for measuring edge radii, K factors and analysing surfaces

We also have a range of highly specialised equipment, like our wire/bandsaw pulling rig, which allows us to accommodate a variety of existing and potential new applications.

We can carry out sample processing on most parts from most markets – our highly experienced R&D team regularly processes many different products and components.

Sample processing is often a key step in helping a company achieve its objectives. Often, it has led to the complete transformation of businesses thanks to massive improvements in product quality, productivity and, of course, ROI.

Discuss your sample processing requirements with a wet-blasting expert…