Alloy Wheels

Vapormatt can a provide an efficient process when it comes to dealing with alloy wheels.

Using the wet blast process, a mixture of abrasive media and water form a slurry can be projected at the alloy wheels surface using compressed air to give the process its power. The resulting effect on the wheel results from gentle abrasion to harsher treatments. Having this flexibility in process parameters enables the wheels to be lightly etched for re-painting or polished up to give a burnished finish.

Wet blasted alloy wheels

Wet blasting can be used for spot repair or full back to metal strip of alloy wheels. The damaged area is blasted and the edges feathered before re-painting/re-lacquering. 

Wet blasting can also be used for complete stripping of alloy wheels. The process is quicker if the wheel is soaked in acid dip first.

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