by Miles
Prevent cobalt leeching on carbide tools after wet blasting

Vapormatt, a world leading specialist in wet blasting for surface preparation and finishing, has signed a new distribution agreement with NGL Cleaning Technology SA to supply a chemical that prevents cobalt leeching during the wet blasting process. 

VacuKleen TM was developed by the two companies in partnership following Vapormatt’s identification of a requirement for a solution to stop cobalt leeching - protecting wet blasted parts from corrosion and improving the effectiveness of binder metals. As well as preventing cobalt leeching, VacuKleen TM ensures parts meet an extremely high level of cleanliness and because it is aqueous-based it is significantly safer and more environmentally friendly compared with solvent-based alternatives. Wet blasting generates an aerosol, so additives must be safe not only for skin contact but also occasional inhalation. In addition, because wet blasting generates a foam, any additive must be non-foaming at low temperatures and VacuKleen TM achieves this.

The distribution agreement is part of Vapormatt’s ongoing objective to provide customers with a complete surface preparation and finishing solution. This includes industry leading wet blasting machines as well as safe washing and cleaning chemicals that deliver excellent results.   

“The development and supply of VacuKleen TM is an important step for Vapormatt as we look beyond the mechanics of wet blasting and further improve the chemistry of the process,” said Terry Ashworth, Technical Director at Vapormatt. “NGL Cleaning Technology SA has been essential in the development of the product and we are delighted to have signed a distribution agreement for VacuKleen TM.”

Commenting on the new distribution agreement, David Gough, Area Sales Manager at NGL Cleaning Technology SA, said: “Like ourselves, Vapormatt operates at the high quality end of the market and delivers consistent high performance for customers, which is why this new distribution agreement is an ideal relationship for both parties.”


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