by Miles
Vapormatt, wet blasting USA, Frank Block, Prototools Corporation

Global wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has enhanced and improved its service for US tooling customers by teaming up with a new representative.  Vapormatt’s wet blasting technology will now be available through Prototools Corporation, run by Frank Block, a distributor with 35 years’ experience in automated manufacturing machinery and systems, offering US tooling customers an even greater level of service.

Frank Block offers an impressive depth of experience in sophisticated controls and motion control systems, and also runs a company that manufactures precision CNC milling machines.  Most recently, Frank has notched up 9 years’ experience specifically in the cutting tool industry.  With this background, Frank fully understands the need for customers to achieve exceptional cutting tool performance to get the best out of high specification tooling equipment.  

“When I looked at Vapormatt’s business and the quality of its product I could see we would be a perfect fit,” Frank said.  “Vapormatt’s process offers much more highly controlled surface treatment than anything I’m familiar with on the market. The Vapormatt system enables a cutting tool manufacturer to create application specific edge hones for different types of work, which is really important for them when it comes to ensuring the best product quality.  The Vapormatt system also stress relieves the coating, which improves the coating life significantly, so I’m really looking forward to presenting this solution to potential customers.”

The new appointment comes as Vapormatt prepares to launch its new wet blasting system, the Vapormatt Sabre, in the USA at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), September 8-13 2014. The Vapormatt Sabre has been developed due to high demand from small to medium volume manufacturers, coating centres and R&D facilities for a cost-effective, high performance wet blasting tool to increase output quality on a range of cutting tools. 


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