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The success of Vapormatt’s wet blast surface preparation technology in the wire industry is demonstrated by a growing number of installations and, now, the senior appointment of a Sales Engineer dedicated to this key sector of manufacturing.  

The high levels of process consistency that can be achieved with wet blasting have been proven by Vapormatt in a long list of applications.  These include, for example, cleaning, degreasing and descaling as well as etching and satin polishing – across a large number of wire cable and strip products.  Newly appointed Sales Engineer, David Clements mentions manufacturers of rotary extrusions, carding wire, power cables, bandsaw blades, fibre optic cables and high carbon steel wire as being among those gaining from Vapormatt technology.

“As one of the world’s leading wet blasting companies, Vapormatt is constantly developing its  in-line processing applications for wire manufacturers, not least because wet blasting offers clear-cut advantages over mechanical and chemical methods of wire cleaning, both of which can present performance and environmental issues,” David Clements says.  His experience in wire cleaning applications worldwide will be of particular note to Vapormatt customers.

As an example of the company’s commitment to application focus, David Clements draws attention to the Vapormatt Profelis.  The design can handle wire and cable products of varying geometries and material, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and potential contamination risks experienced with alternative methods.  Fully self-contained, the Profelis comprises two adjacent units that provide a combination of wet blast, spray rinses and drying, to produce high quality results that meet both cosmetic and performance objectives.

“This is an exciting time to join the company and I look forward to building on its success to date, and helping to fulfil Vapormatt’s aim of becoming the wire industry’s choice whenever in-line wire cleaning is required,” concludes David Clements. 


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