by Miles
composite preparation by wet blasting

Wet blasting specialist Vapormatt has prepared a unique exhibition for the National Composite Centre, revealing the secrets of effective composite preparation.  This exclusive display – comprising literature, a display of sample composite components before and after wet blasting, and an on-screen presentation – will offer viewers valuable advice on composite preparation for both GRP and carbon fibre components.

Effective preparation is a highly critical aspect of successful composite manufacture and can have a direct effect on factors ranging from final product performance to safety.  Vapormatt’s wet blasting technology provides such high quality surfaces that any subsequent bonding, lacquering or painting processes are optimised and thus contributes significant value to manufacturing process.

The NCC works with an extensive range of innovative manufacturing organisations and has a widely respected international reputation, so naturally the centre requires the best possible technology when it comes to preparing composites for bonding.  The Vapormatt exhibit will enhance wet blasting knowledge for the NCCs many visitors, who include many leading UK manufacturers from the aerospace, motor-sport, rail and marine sectors.

The exclusive Vapormatt exhibit will be on display in the NCC reception area until June 13th.

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