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Vapormatt helps Swiss toolmaker Lamina overcome problems with its wet blasting process, which it uses to create a line of premium carbide tooling...
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Vapomatt wet blasting, wet blasting of band saw blades
A Czech manufacturer of saw blades says that switching from dry to wet blasting has boosted product quality and outputPilana Metal, a Czech...
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Wet blasting, rapid prototypes, titanium printing.
The Vapormate wet-blasting cabinet from Vapormatt is allowing innovative manufacturer i2M to achieve a faster, more cost effective production process...
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The benefits of world leading wet blasting technology are enhancing the composite bonding performance at the country’s foremost international...
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Finnish aluminium extrusion specialist, Vapormatt automated wet blast system, new production line
The Finnish aluminium extrusion specialist, Purso Oy, has recently installed a Vapormatt automated wet blast system on its latest advanced-technology...
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WASP Wet Blasting System, Water Assisted Stripping Process, Vapormatt
The ‘Water-Assisted Stripping Process’ (‘WASP’) – developed by surface preparation specialist Vapormatt – is being adopted increasingly by airlines...
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Vapormatt surface preparation of post cured carbon fibre prior to painting or coating
Global Technologies Racing Ltd (GTR), the Fontwell, West Sussex, UK, based specialist designer and manufacturer of high specification carbon fibre...
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Vapormatt Wet Blast Machine, SS Tube Technology Ltd, Surface Cleaning Exhaust Systems
One of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of exhaust systems for the motor sport industry ­– SS Tube Technology Ltd –...
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Racing Technology Norfolk, Vapormatt 3, Abrasive Blast Cabinet
RTN (Racing Technology Norfolk) has installed the latest ‘Vapormate 3’ wet abrasive blast cabinet from Vapormatt, for the surface treatment of...
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Vapormaster 1210 wire preparation system, Vapormatt, Guernsey
The new ‘Vapormaster 1210’ wire preparation system, specially developed by Guernsey based Vapormatt Ltd, in conjunction with Holton Machinery Ltd,...
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Automatic wet blast machine, Vapormaster 1212, Vapormatt
Because of the major environmental benefits of recycling and the inherent cost advantage to the end user, the global market for quality...