by Miles
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Vapormatt has released its latest white paper exploring the use of wet-blasting in the aerospace industry. As well as providing an overview of the process, the paper looks at what considerations must be made when looking to invest in wet blasting equipment.

The new Vapormatt white paper outlines how the finer surface finish, overall control and flexibility of the wet blasting process makes it ideal for meeting the challenges and the regulations of the aerospace industry whilst highlight the processes versatility with application examples.

As automation has become more prevalent in manufacturing, the same is true for wet blasting. The white paper explains some of the latest technologies and innovations that should be considered when buying wet blasting equipment. In highlighting these developments the white paper guides readers to making more informed decision about what may or may not be needed from their wet blasting equipment.

Vapormatt, a manufacturer of wet blast and high pressure water system machines, has worked with a number of large Aerospace customers. Run by the Ashworth family, the originators of the pressure recirculatory wet blast process, Vapormatt has a wealth of experience and expertise. If you’re in the aerospace industry and want see how the wet blasting can make a difference to you, download the free whitepaper today or alternatively you can contact us for more information


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