Wire and Cable

We’re leading the way in wire and cable finishing with our unique in-line Profelis wet blasting system

Blast manifold of the Profelis automatic wet blasting system


And because it’s a system that works in-line with existing manufacturing, it’s capable of processing large quantities of wire and cable at speed.

A high degree of process control and automation ensure precisely the correct finish is reliably delivered every time.

For overhead power cable, wet blasting creates a non-specular finish to improve current carrying capacity.

In the case of aluminium feeder wire, wet blasting cleans the surface removing imperfections and oxides.

Copper feeder wire is left very clean, preventing imperfections and oxidisation being drawn into the extrusion process.

Graphite is entirely removed from steel wire leaving it clean for forming, machining and heat treatment. Heat scale is also removed.

All heat treatment discolouration and burrs are removed from carding wire whilst carding teeth are precisely honed for additional durability. Heat scale and grease is also removed.


With its specially designed blast gun manifold offering complete 360° finishing and integrated rinsing and drying, our automatic Profelis system is purpose built for finishing wire and cable products.

bandsaw blades

Submarine communication cable

Used to transmit vast amounts of information for thousands of miles, submarine communication cable features layers of tough outer protection to ensure continued uninterrupted transmission.

Wet blasting produces a highly clean, reactive surface on the cable’s surface that is essential for reliable bonding with outer sheath layers. Wet blasting is also free from any blast media embedment issues that might otherwise affect the cable’s performance.

Wire and cable finishing perfected with our unique in-line automatic system


Introducing our patented micro gun wire cleaning technology

Our new micro gun technology is especially efficient when it comes to the use of compressed air, frequently the costliest component of the wet blasting process. So efficient in fact, that we’ve patented the technology.

Another benefit is that micro guns can run together with a common slurry feed, so multiple lines of wire can be processed at the same time for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Find out more about this new technology in our white paper below or by contacting us.

Wire and cable brochure, white paper and case study

Profelis wet blasting system brochure