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Vapormatt, the leading manufacturer of precision wet blast systems, is launching a fully integrated modular wet blasting machine for edge honing and surface preparation of all types of round shank and solid cutting tools.  The new wet blasting machine is being launched in September 2018 at the IMTS show in Chicago and users can visit Vapormatt at booth W-431091 to see the machine in action. The new Vapormatt Oncilla wet blast machine incorporates blast chamber, washing, drying, elutriation tower, control and robot handling units in a single compact, high performance system.

This creates an extremely cost effective, simple to use machine, which is capable of improving productivity and the finished quality of each tool, in low and high volume applications for tungsten carbide and high speed steel inserts, round shank tools, drills, taps and milling cutters.  

The modular design of Oncilla offers customers a wide range of options, which enables them to select the machine that meets their exacting needs and investment criteria.  Combining all processes into a single, self-contained machine eliminates the current need for customers to use multiple machines for tool finishing saving cost, part movement, human intervention, complexity and reduces the overall factory footprint.

The basic machine incorporates a blast chamber and washer dryer.  This can be expanded with the addition of an extra blast chamber for different finishes and multiple wash / dry stages including de-ionised wash / dry stage for ‘coating ready’ requirements.

The micro-nozzles are unique in being able to offer exceptionally fine control of the blast pattern, with the laser indexing system ensuring that the edge honing and surface preparation processes begin and finish at precisely the correct point on each tool; this is ideal for edge honing of multiple tool pieces where consistent and accurate profiles are required.  Additionally, the micro-nozzles significantly reduce air and energy consumption by up to 80%.

Efficiency is improved still further with the addition of an elutriation tower, continuous slurry concentration monitoring, linked to auto abrasive dosing.  These features ensure that only the correct sized abrasive media is recycled back through the process, providing consistent and measured process conditions, resulting in repeatable results, consistent edge quality and minimises rework or scrap.

Each Oncilla machine incorporates an industry standard colour HMI, providing a simple to use, menu-driven interface, with the option of remote monitoring, process batch recording and programming; using MES to take advantage of the industry 4.0 opportunities. Oncilla can be used with tools up to 30mm in diameter and 303mm in length.


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