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Vapormatt Tiger+ System

The Vapormatt Tiger+ processing centre - a fully automatic, in-line wet blasting, cleaning and drying system - saves time and money for users by combining several processes in one automated unit.  Vapormatt’s Tiger+ Processing Centre uses sophisticated process control and monitoring to deliver exceptional performance, helping manufacturers of cutting inserts to improve productivity and quality.

The Vapormatt Tiger+ can achieve hones up to 100 microns within a +/-10um tolerance.  It runs trays through a seven-stage process, beginning with automatic load, followed by two blasting chambers (one to hone and one to polish), two rinses and a further DI (de-ionised) rinse. The parts are then immediately dried through two dryings stages before they are automatically unloaded.  At every stage there is complete control over the processing variables which leads to consistent and reproducible processing to increase tool life and durability of subsequent coatings.

Within the 2 blast chambers the Vapormatt Tiger+ utilises 32 nozzles that will deliver superior honing and polishing for a range of tools and geometries. It is designed to accept cutting inserts direct from grinding for edge honing, polishing, cleaning and drying, leaving the inserts fully prepared for coating. Up to 30,000 inserts a day can processed by the Tiger+ making it extremely valuable to high production environments.

“Combining several process stages into one automated system saves time, and therefore money,” explains Tim Berry, Application Specialist for Vapormatt.  “For example, using a Tiger+ makes for considerable savings in work-in-progress and handling costs associated with using two separate machines to reach the same result.”

The conveyer system used within the Tiger+ also reduces the inter-stage corrosion and cobalt leaching that can occur between the processes in traditional methods. This is because the parts are swiftly transferred from the blasting stage to the rinse stage, and then dried immediately afterwards. Avoiding inter-stage-corrosion means that the worked components will ultimately be of better quality and respond far better to coating processes.

Using Vapormatt’s recipe control users of the Tiger+ are able to specify precise edge radii and surface finishes.  This means that if plant requirements change, there is no need to mechanically alter the systems; instead a simple adjustment can be made via the HMI unit.



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