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Eurotechno Stand, JIMTOF 2012, Japan, Vapormatt

The benefits of wet blast surface preparation from Vapormatt were presented at JIMTOF on stand Number E5027. The company drew attention not only to the advantages its technology offers to the tooling industry, but also the developments to its agency network and a key enhancement of its service capability.

Full details of Vapormatt’s capabilities were highlighted on the Eurotechno stand – which the company is delighted to confirm is now acting as its new agent in the Japanese market. “We believe it is a logical alliance given Eurotechno’s experience in the tooling industry and the ability of our systems to achieve high quality surface preparation in this important manufacturing sector,” comments Vapormatt’s Sales Director Mick Teague.“Our systems use a mix of water and abrasive media accelerated from a nozzle by compressed air to create an environmentally friendly, very effective closed loop surface preparation and conditioning process,” he adds. He points out that wet blasting means that no dust or static electricity is created while the water acts as a buffer to lubricate the particles on impact. “This allows for very fine finishes to be produced without damage to the underlying substrate,” he says.

One of the key areas highlighted by Vapormatt is the enhanced surface finishes the company’s equipment can achieve during the production of cutting tools. Consistent, controllable edge radii are produced with extremely clean and reactive surfaces. Vapormatt applications offer the benefit of creating hones up to 100 microns, surface cleaning prior to and after coating, polishing and peening for strengthening the surface – all of which can be achieved without changing the tool’s geometries.

“The technology is proven worldwide in a range of relevant applications including the preparation of rotary shank tools, hobs, saws and replaceable inserts of varying geometries,” continues Mick Teague.Vapormatt is also drawing attention to its new association with Alicona who have a leading international reputation for the manufacture of high precision microscopes. “Customers using Vapormatt equipment can now make highly detailed checks on the quality of both the edge hone and K-factor – again of particular relevance to the tooling sector,” continues Mick Teague.


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