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Vapormatt | Vapor Blasting Steel Wire
With a wide range of applications in construction, manufacturing, packaging, agriculture and many other industries, clean steel wire is a better...
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Vapomatt wet blasting, wet blasting of band saw blades
A Czech manufacturer of saw blades says that switching from dry to wet blasting has boosted product quality and outputPilana Metal, a Czech...
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Band saw blade surface preparation
BenefitsIncreased aesthetics with uniform finishesReduced processing with combined cleaning and decalingImproved life with edge...
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wire cleaning and preparation by wet blasting
We are often challenged with a range of applications for the cleaning of continuous product and the Vapormatt Profelis has been very successful...
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wet blasting, vapormatt, wet blasting machines, wire cleaning
Wet blasting offers exceptionally high quality results that are increasingly being recognised across many applications. And because no harsh...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting, wire cleaning, cable cleaning, japan
Vapormatt is taking wet blasting into the North Asian market with the help of Japanese distributor A.K. Techno.  The partnership will enable...
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Metalex show, Vapormatt, Wet blasting asia.
I would imagine that when people think of Thailand manufacturing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.It certainly wasn’t for me…...
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Vapormatt Logo, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt Thailand
Vapormatt is to open a new sales and technical support centre in Thailand, extending its service to customers in Southeast Asia.  The new...
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Non-specular finish can be achieved by Vapormatt
Having just arrived back from some successful trials in the States it seems appropriate to share some of the benefits that we were demonstrating with...
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Vapormatt wire cleaning manifold
The problemWire drawing requires the use of often aggressive cleaning and descaling processes. Acid pickling is one method often used; however...
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Vapormatt removal of graphite lubricants from tool steel
Vapormatt has once again demonstrated its competence in systems design using a collaborative approach with 65 manufacturers across the globe. By...
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Vapormatt, one of the world’s leading wet blasting companies, has developed a process that offers minimal environmental damage and a more consistent...
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The success of Vapormatt’s wet blast surface preparation technology in the wire industry is demonstrated by a growing number of installations and,...
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David Clements As Senior Appointment, Wet Blasting, Vapormatt
Vapormatt, leaders in wet blasting technology, is announcing the appointment of a new senior Sales Engineer who is set to build on the company's...
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The benefits of wet blasting as a means of surface preparation for the wire industry are being highlighted by specialist manufacturer Vapormatt on...
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Vapormaster 1210 wire preparation system, Vapormatt, Guernsey
The new ‘Vapormaster 1210’ wire preparation system, specially developed by Guernsey based Vapormatt Ltd, in conjunction with Holton Machinery Ltd,...