by Miles
wire cleaning and preparation by wet blasting

We are often challenged with a range of applications for the cleaning of continuous product and the Vapormatt Profelis has been very successful across these applications.

The wet blast process is proven to add value to the conform process by preparing the aluminium feeder wire prior to the rotary extrusion process. By cleaning the surface of the aluminium profile the wet blast process is able to remove any surface imperfections or oxides that were left on the surface after the drawing stage.

With Vapormatt’s unique in-line wet blasting machine for the treatment of wire, cable and continuous product manufacturers are able to easily incorporate a surface treatment solution into their production line.

The economic footprint and usability of the Profelis makes it a compact system and with no harsh chemicals being used is a much safer alternative to chemical processes.

Having worked with BWE to deliver production lines; Vapormatt’s wet blasting machines are continually used to great effect.

The video on YouTube shows the Vapormatt Profelis in action at a customer’s facility.

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