The Sabre brings the ultimate edge preparation, surface conditioning and cleaning technologies to three specific user groups. Designed to give better control to SMEs, coating centres and research and development facilities, the "hybrid" design accepts both round shank tools and cutting inserts.

With its turntable, a variety of up to four insert pallets can be processed using the gun crown on the X-axis. Additionally, 12 satellite turntables allow round shank tools up to 307mm in length and 30mm ø to be processed by three targeted blast nozzles on the Y-Z axis. By adjusting angles and pressures, a range of edge hones and shapes can be achieved to within +/-5 micron of specification.

The Sabre can be supplied in three versions; for shank tools/hobs, for inserts or for both in a hybrid system that incorporates both blast heads. The use of servo motors allows for fast and highly accurate positioning with turntable speeds of up to 40RPM. With the rinse stage as standard, the majority of the process media is removed prior to a separate drying stage. Chemical additives in the process water are automatically monitored and controlled to limit cobalt leaching and prevent oxidisation.

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Ultimate edge preparation, surface conditioning and cleaning technologies

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Easily customisable High capacity High consistency of processing Small footprint Versatile