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Vapormatt programmable gun crown, edge preparation

Vapormatt is now offering customers greater control of their edge preparation processes whilst saving time, enhancing product quality and increasing production capacity.  The Vapormatt programmable gun crown increases the number of recipes that can be programmed for edge preparation and is compatible with a range of machines, enabling users to achieve exceptional results on a variety of different tool sets.

The programmable gun crown features eight Vapormatt blast nozzles, each fully adjustable to offer a range of processing angles. Being fully automated the user has precise control over the K factor’s and edge radii required to increase tool life .  This means that with a single gun crown, programmed via the HMI, a customer can hone and finish a range of different tools , each with different K factors and radii, without having to change gun angles for different recipes.

The crown is designed and manufactured for reliability and precision so that excellent results are repeatable.  The crown assembly is manufactured in robust stainless steel, while a worm gear and cam mechanism ensures that nozzles move in unison to deliver a blast stream that always achieves the desired angle with perfect precision.  The HMI unit can command the servo motor to position the guns at any desired angle between 50 and 90 degrees, providing a range of different edge honing geometry for cutting inserts.  The programmable gun crown can be supplied on Vapormatt’s Tiger and Tiger+ systems, saving time, increasing production throughput and enhancing the quality of edge honing and finishing tasks.



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