Leopard Vertical

The Vapormatt Leopard has been designed to clean, polish and peen hard to handle aerospace components. Standing at over 3m tall, a large range of turbine fan blades can be processed.

Being fully automated, Vapormatt's vertical Leopard wet blasting system is well suited for production and overhaul facilities requiring high levels of throughput. The unique and patented donut sump on the Leopard makes it cheaper to install than alternatives where pits are required to be dug in workshop floors.

The Leopard is also available in a horizontal configuration which can hold up to 5 tonnes in weight on its 1.85m turntable. With larger components, the Leopard offers a hybrid solution allowing for most processing to be done automatically and any touch ups to be manually completed by an operator.

For more information, download the specification sheet below.

The Benefits

Easy maintenance Easy to use Large pump Large working envelope Robust construction