The unique Vapormatt Profelis is designed for the in-line surface finishing of wire, cable, round bar, bandsaw blades and other strip products. The system will rinse and dry the product after wet blasting leaving it with a clean reactive surface.

When configured for bandsaw blades, the Profelis can edge hone bandsaw blade teeth to a specific K-Factor, peen known areas of weakness like the gullet between teeth for additional strength and create a reactive surface ideal for coatings and branding.

The emissivity of high voltage cables is improved by the wet blasting process of the Profelis resulting in greater ampacity at the same operating temperature.

And for submarine communication cables, wet blasting creates a highly reactive surface, without blast media embedment, that’s perfect for bonding with outer sheath layers.

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Wire, cable and bandsaw blade finishing perfected with our unique in-line automatic system

Features include:

  • Robust stainless-steel cabinet
  • Option to process products right to left or left to right
  • Automatic door load
  • 4 blast guns at 90 degree intervals as standard or 8 blast guns at 45 degree intervals for maximum 360 degree coverage
  • Blast pressure control for optimum component cleaning
  • Simple to use, intuitive colour HMI for easy set-up and operation
  • Viewing window with window wash
  • Integrated heated washing and drying
  • Recirculation of water via Hydrocyclone and S-Tank filtration
  • Sight glass for easy measurement of blast media concentration levels
  • Rinse gun for easy periodic cleaning
  • Vapormatt 4.0 ready for remote diagnostics and the timely supply of spare parts
  • Plenty of room in the blast chamber for easy maintenance
  • Pivot out pump for easy maintenance
  • Optional hopper for blast media loading and auto dosing
  • Optional dosing control for corrosion inhibitors and degreasing agents

All of these features and benefits make the Profelis suitable for a wide range of different industries and applications, we've listed a few in the footer section of this page.

For more information, download the specification sheet below.

All of our wet-blasting systems are backed up by our global service, full aftermarket support and of course our Vapormatt Promise.

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The Benefits

Automated controlled processing Combined process steps Continuous inline processing Easy maintenance Quiet operation