The Oncilla is an innovative wet blasting system for solid tools from Vapormatt. These new systems have a modular design allowing them to be used for edge preparation, surface activation and post treatment applications. The machines can accommodate round shank tools between 3-32mm (1 - 1¼") in diameter and 46-307mm (1¾ - 12") in length.

As a robotic system, the Oncilla is able to increase repeatability through enhanced monitoring systems and ensure reliability with its robust and prefabricated stainless steel cabinet. Offering single tool processing reduces the machine's overall footprint while the engineered access points reduce noise (75dBA) and cross contamination between process steps.

Having three core models, the Oncilla's are ready for Industry 4.0 and adaptable for a wide range of customers with varying capacities, batch sizes and cleaning standards. With proven process controls and an in-depth knowledge of wet blasting, users will be able to consistently achieve a high standard of finish, improving tool life and quality.

Blast gun innovations within the Oncilla give users the ability to follow cutting edges and helical profiles. This is achieved with patented micro nozzles delivering highly targeted blast streams to selected areas of the tools being honed.

In addition to the helix blasting, the micro nozzle is much cheaper and quieter to run. When compared to other available nozzles, users can expect to reduce their compressed air and running costs by up to 80%.

With its flexibility, the Oncilla range offers solutions for all budgets and capacities.

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The Benefits

Combined process steps Easily customisable Easy to programme High consistency of processing Quiet operation