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Original Vapormatt spare parts
We supply high-quality spares backed by a quick and reliable delivery service to keep your machine(s) operating at the highest possible production...
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Vapormatt Aftermarket services for surface finishing peace of mind
We have created two service contracts to keep your wet blasting machine(s) or vapor blasting machine(s) in good working order. We can also service...
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Vapormatt 4.0 - our own Industry 4.0 solution
Vapormatt 4.0 is our own Industry 4.0 solution. It’s installed on all our new automatic wet / vapor blasting machines and can be retrofitted to...
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Vapormatt | Vapor Blasting Steel Wire
With a wide range of applications in construction, manufacturing, packaging, agriculture and many other industries, clean steel wire is a better...
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Before and after image of wet blasted overhead power cable
Applying a non-specular finish to overhead power cable the environmentally friendly way: Instead of using powerful chemicals, as typically used in...
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Vapor Blasting Aerospace Components Turbine Engines, Aircraft Wheels MRO OEM
From a simple spindle to sophisticated assemblies such as blisks and fir trees, wet blasting (otherwise known as vapor blasting) is capable of...
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Benefits of Vapor Blasting for Aerospace
Did you know wet blasting (or vapor blasting) has several advantages over other surface finishing processes for the aerospace industry?- The use of...
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Vapor Blasting Machines for Aerospace MRO and OEM
The history of Vapormatt can be traced all the way back to the invention of the jet engine when the first wet blasting machine was developed for the...
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Vapor blasting aluminium extrusion dies for nitriding
Dies must withstand temperatures in excess of 375 degrees Celsius and pressures of well over 100,000 psi (by way of comparison a power washer runs at...
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Vapormatt Cougar + Vapor Wet Blasting Machine
Our robust automatic Cougar + wet blasting machine (or vapor blasting machine) has been designed with tough extrusion die cleaning operations in mind...