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Puma manual and automatic wet blasting machines for composite bonding preparation
As covered in previous posts, wet blasting is highly effective at preparing composite surfaces for bonding, lacquering or painting, but what...
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Formula one car
In the same way wet blasting perfectly prepares composites for bonding, it can also prepare composites for lacquering, painting or other coatings....
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Aeroplane with composite propeller
Dry blasting, brush finishing, peel ply, wet and dry abrasive papers and other types of finishing can result in damage to composite fibres, that in...
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Before and after wet blasting carbon fibre
Perfect preparation for composite bonding – The reliability and strength of composite bonding is significantly improved with effective surface...
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Vapormatt Patented micro gun technology
Patented micro gun technology for the rapid efficient cleaning of multiple lines of wire – Using a common slurry feed (slurry is the mixture of water...
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Festive Holiday
Today, Friday 23rd December, is our last day before our annual festive season holiday. We open again on Tuesday 3rd January.We wish you all have a...
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Vapormatt Profelis Wet Blasting System
The unique Vapormatt Profelis is designed for the in-line surface finishing of wire, cable, round bar, bandsaw blades and other strip products. The...
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Vapormatt Puma Manual wet blasting machine
With its large, wide opening door and large working envelope, the Puma Manual is ideal for processing larger components within a relatively small...
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Vapormatt Vapormate wet blasting machine with operator
It’s the perfect machine for users who need a compact machine for smaller spaces or want to test the wet-blasting process before investing in a...
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Vapormatt Puma+ Wet-Blasting (Vapour-Blasting) System
The Puma+ is our highly versatile automated entry level system. It’s designed for users who want to step up from a manual system for the added...