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wet blasting, edge honing, tool honing, edge preparation, edge rounding
Vapormatt is to launch a new system, the Vapormatt Sabre, which will bring the exceptional process quality of wet blasting to a wider range of users....
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Tooling manufacturers, coating centres and reconditioning companies should exploit wet blasting as a powerful method of edge honing and face...
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wet blasting, vapormatt, wet blasting machines
A lot of the time we find ourselves in situations where an application may work with both wet and dry blasting processes. To remain competitive we...
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wet blasting, vapormatt, wet blasting machines
With a myriad of companies around who can offer wet blasting machines for a range of applications it can be hard to differentiate between suppliers....
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Wet peening, shot peening, dry peening
Peening involves the use of spherical medias to “hammer” the surface of a material and is a very effective way to improve the fatigue strength of a...
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edge honing, cleaning and surface preparation
The Sabre, the latest wet blasting system from Vapormatt, will be launched this year at GrindTec 2014, which takes place between 19th and 22nd March...
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Edge honing of cutting tools, wet blasting
Cutting tools, used in the latest generation of machining centres, have to conform to ever higher standards of performance and accuracy.  To...
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Wet blasting, rapid prototypes, titanium printing.
The Vapormate wet-blasting cabinet from Vapormatt is allowing innovative manufacturer i2M to achieve a faster, more cost effective production process...
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Vapormatt, wet blasting, wire cleaning, cable cleaning, japan
Vapormatt is taking wet blasting into the North Asian market with the help of Japanese distributor A.K. Techno.  The partnership will enable...
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Metalex show, Vapormatt, Wet blasting asia.
I would imagine that when people think of Thailand manufacturing is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind.It certainly wasn’t for me…...