by Miles
The fir tree slots on a jet engine disc

Consider the fir tree slots of a jet engine disk. They are critical jet engine components and need to be maintained to a very high standard because…

• Fir tree slots are precisely machined interlocking mechanisms that hold turbine blade roots securely to the disc. Proper maintenance ensures a tight fit, preventing the blades from vibrating excessively or detaching during operation. This is crucial for engine safety and performance.

• They also contribute to sealing the turbine section. A damaged slot could allow hot gases to leak, reducing engine efficiency and potentially damaging other components.

• Their design helps distribute the immense centrifugal forces acting on the blades during engine operation. Maintaining the slots’ integrity ensures these forces are channelled correctly within the disc, preventing stress fractures or disc failure.

So, properly maintained fir tree slots are essential for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of a jet engine.

Our wet blasting solutions ensure fir tree slots are maintained to the very high standards needed by ensuring…

• Unparalleled blast consistency – Thanks to our world leading wet blast technology, some of it patented, we can deliver a consistent wet blast flow year after year – essential for ensuring aerospace components are processed to the same standard every time.

• Accurate and reliable automation – Also key to repeatedly processing to the same high standard, automation ensures every surface of the component that needs finishing is finished in precisely the same way every time.

• More control than other finishing solutions – Wet blasting has more controllable factors than other finishing processes which means the precise surface finish required can be achieved. Once established, our blast consistency and automation ensure that surface finish is delivered every time.


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