by Miles
Jet engine fan blades
The lifespan of a turbine blade can be extended more than 1000% by wet shot peening. As well as peening to the same intensity as dry blasting it’s gentler on more delicate surfaces thanks to the cushioning effect of water.
There are several other benefits our customers have experienced when wet shot peening aerospace fan and turbine blades compared with their legacy dry shot peening systems, including:
- Superior finishes – The flow of media over fan and turbine blades ensures a smoother, more consistent, and higher quality finish vs. dry shot peening.
- Eliminating contamination via better blast medias – Unlike dry shot peening a wet peening machine works best with ceramic or stainless-steel shot medias. Any risks of non-ferrous contamination is removed from the process.
- Controllability - With wet shot peening you gain the highest levels of process control available.
- Reduced media consumption – Users of our wet shot peening machines have found overall spend on peening blast media is drastically reduced.
- Dust-free peening – Wet shot peening does not involve cleaning residual dust and media from the component after peening.
- No pre-cleaning – Wet shot peening means parts can be put into the wet blast machine uncleaned and still covered with oil, grease, and other contaminants.
- Health and safety - Wet shot peening is preferred when potentially explosive materials are being treated such as titanium and certain alloys, removing the need for any expensive ATEX filtration systems.


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