by Miles
Alloy wheel being resprayed
By altering the wet blast recipe wet blasting can clean alloy wheels without damage to coatings, lightly etch for re-painting, polish to give a burnished finish, or completely strip coatings whilst the wheel's surface is simultaneously prepared for re-coating.
Other benefits of wet blasting include:
- Gentle on surfaces - Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting is less corrosive and gentler on alloy wheel surfaces. The lubricating effect of the water reduces friction and minimises the risk of damage to the wheel's surface. This makes wet blasting particularly suitable for delicate wheel coatings or polished surfaces, ensuring the wheel's aesthetic appeal is maintained.
- Preservation of wheel integrity - One of the significant advantages of wet blasting is its ability to preserve the structural integrity of alloy wheels. The process does not compromise the wheel's strength or cause micro-fractures that can weaken the metal. By removing contaminants without altering the wheel's original structure, wet blasting helps extend the lifespan of the wheel, reducing the likelihood of cracks or corrosion.
- Restoration of wheel appearance - Over time, alloy wheels can lose their shine and lustre due to continued exposure to road debris and harsh weather conditions. Wet blasting effectively restores the original appearance of alloy wheels by eliminating surface imperfections, oxidized layers, and stains. The process removes worn-out clear lacquer, preparing the wheels for refinishing or the application of a new protective coating, resulting in a fresh and rejuvenated look.
- Time and cost-efficient - Compared to labour-intensive hand cleaning or chemical cleaning methods, wet blasting offers a time and cost-efficient alternative. The all-encompassing nature of wet blasting reduces the overall cleaning time required, making it ideal for professional workshops or detailing services. Moreover, the process eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, reducing the associated costs and potential risks.
- Eco-friendly cleaning solution - The use of water significantly reduces the amount of dust and airborne particles generated during the cleaning process, making it safer for both the operator and the surrounding environment. Additionally, one of the key features of our Puma manual machine includes a closed loop system that captures and filters the water and media, allowing for the recycling of water and reduction of waste.


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