Cougar +

Cougar +

The Cougar + is our highly versatile automated mid-range system. It’s a very popular system with heavy users thanks to its durability, reliability and repeatability of processing.

We’ve packed the Cougar + with useful features to ensure it’s as easy to use and productive as possible. 

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Consistent high-quality surface finishing from our versatile automated mid-range system

Features include:

• Large working envelope of max. 1200mm dia. when blasting from above only (1000mm dia. if blasting from above and below), that allows the Cougar + to process a vast range of different components of all shapes and sizes

• High quality stainless steel blast cabinet

• Highly accessible slide out turntable for ease of loading and unloading  

• A range of turntable options are available to suit the components being processed

• Can be configured with a large side opening door for larger components, or a powered vertical door with a single load end for ease of loading and unloading, or powered vertical doors with double load ends for maximum productivity

• Powerful multi-gun blast head, and for relevant applications the option of double above and below blast heads for maximum productivity

• Simple to use and highly intuitive colour HMI for rapid set-up and operation

• Hand operated water jet for post process rinsing

• Hand operated air jet for rapid post process drying

• Window wash to ensure you always have great visibility of the blast process

• S-Tank filtration system to help keep running costs to a minimum by cleaning and recirculating water for rinsing and the window wash. A Moving Bed filter option can be added for those processes that are particularly dirty.

• Sight-glass allows quick and easy measurement of blast media concentration levels - Important for efficient wet-blasting

All of these features and benefits make the Cougar + suitable for a vast number of different industries and applications, we've listed a few in the footer section of this page

For more information, download the specification sheet below.

All of our wet-blasting systems are backed up by our global service, full aftermarket support and of course our Vapormatt Promise.

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The Benefits

Large working envelope Easy load turntable Easy to use Robust construction Versatile