The Vapormatt Ocelot is designed to both clean and dry wet blasted cemented carbide inserts at one station prior to coating.

This patented innovation significantly reduces washing cycles and drying times while also simplifying the process. The stainless steel Ocelot is one of the most compact all-in-one units on the market and features a de-ionised water plant, air and water filtration systems and a vacuum unit. The pre-programmed washing programmes will remove any blast media left on the surface with customers experiencing less than 1 particle per 1mm². Additionally, drying times of only a minute prevent any cobalt leaching and use vacuums to "pull" the moisture from the surface with less energy and heat than air knives. Using patented technology, the Vapormatt washing and drying process is already proving to be up to ten times faster than other alternatives. To prevent re-contamination during processing all of the drying air and de-ionised water is filtered to five microns.

Vapormatt technology conforms to strict health and safety standards, ensuring employees are free of risk during manufacturing and customers are confident in using end products, and as an alternative to solvent based solutions is an appealing solution to manufactures conscious of working environments. The new washing and drying machine conforms to all relevant European Commission and industry directives and operates at a noise level of 75 decibels or lower.

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Speed up the process of cleaning and drying wet blasted inserts all in one station

All of our wet-blasting systems are backed up by our global service, full aftermarket support and of course our Vapormatt Promise.

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The Benefits

Easy to programme Easy to use Robust construction Small footprint Very fast processing