Tiger +

Tiger +

The Vapormatt Tiger + is a technically advanced self-contained edge preparation, surface conditioning, cleaning and is the ultimate linear wet blasting system.

Like the Tiger, the Tiger + is designed for the most sophisticated and demanding of high capacity production environments. It also provides the maximum level of process control and consistency.

The Tiger + has two independent blast chambers, so it is possible to run two separate processes, for example cleaning cutting tools in the first chamber and applying an edge hone in the second. Alternatively, the same process can be run in both chambers to half the processing time by doubling throughput.

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The ultimate all-in-one, automated and linear format wet blasting, rinsing and drying machine

Features include:

  • Fully automatic in-line wet blasting, cleaning and drying machine optimised for tooling applications
  • Automatically loads, wet blasts, multi-stage spray rinses, ultrasonic washes, dries and unloads components
  • Dual independent blast chambers allow for different production processes and recipes in each chamber, or the same process in both chambers for increased throughput
  • Excellent ROI for tooling companies due to increased production efficiencies
  • High quality stainless steel cabinet, made from corrosion resistant high grade stainless steel, offering a watertight enclosure
  • Different processes and blast recipes can be developed, stored and used when required for different component batches
  • Components are held in industry standard trays/pallets and transported through the Tiger+ by conveyor belts
  • Up to 20 component trays/pallets can be stored in the auto load unit
  • Simple to use and highly intuitive colour HMI for rapid set-up and operation
  • Sophisticated process control and monitoring
  • Recipe driven parameter setting and post process reporting
  • Extremely consistent and reproducible processing
  • Fully self-contained and ventilated unit suitable for location in quiet, controlled environments
  • Vapormatt 4.0 enabled for remote diagnostics - maximising production up-time

All of these features and benefits make the high capacity Tiger+ the most efficient and versatile finishing system for the tooling industry.

For more information, download the specification sheet below.

All of our wet-blasting systems are backed up by our global service, full aftermarket support and of course our Vapormatt Promise.

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The Benefits

Combined process steps High capacity High consistency of processing Large number of guns Quiet operation