Oncilla Cub

Oncilla Cub

As the entry level machine from the Oncilla range, the “Cub” consists of a single blast chamber and basic rinsing and drying stages. The compact size coupled with large access hatches means a reduced footprint doesn’t come at the cost of ease of use. With a wide range of options to choose from, the Cub can also be highly specified; taking it from the budget and entry level wet blasting system to a full controlled and self-monitoring solution.

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Consistent high-quality surface finishing from our versatile automated mid-range system

Features include:

• High-quality stainless steel blast cabinet offering a very rigid and robust structure. The main blast enclosure door doubles as a large viewing window to allow observation of the equipment when in use

• This system can produce controlled, consistent edge hones where homogenous edge radii within +/- 5μm can be achieved

• Component surfaces are well prepared for subsequent PVD and CVD coating processes, typically leading to HF-1 adhesion levels according to the Rockwell-based coating adherence standard.

• Multiple different processes and blast recipes can be developed, stored and used when required for different component batches.

• The machines can accommodate round shank tools between 3 - 25.4mm (0.19” - 1”) in diameter and 46 - 204mm (1 ¾ - 8”) in length.

• Maximum tool weight is 1kg (2.2lb). Minimum tool pick-up length is 25mm (1”)

• Blast gun innovations within the Oncilla give users the ability to follow cutting edges and helical profiles. This is achieved with patented micro nozzles delivering highly targeted blast streams to selected areas of the tools being honed or polished.

• Simple to use and highly intuitive colour HMI for rapid set-up and operation

• Recipe-driven parameter setting and post-process reporting for very accurate control which yields continuous monitoring and feedback for optimum processing

• Fully self-contained unit suitable for installation in quiet, controlled environments

For more information, download the specification sheet below.

All of our wet-blasting systems are backed up by our global service, full aftermarket support and of course our Vapormatt Promise.

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The Benefits

Easily customisable Easy to programme High consistency of processing Quiet operation Small footprint